Team Aster

Team Aster has beaten Alliance 3 – 1 to win the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor. The victory has secured them a spot in the upcoming major.

In the first game, Team Aster secured an early net worth advantage in the 7th minute. Unfortunately, a slight road bump happened around the 25th minute. They lost four heroes in a team fight near the Middle Tier 2 Tower. But it wasn’t enough to swing the momentum the other way. In a quick turn of events, Team Aster killed Roshan and took out the middle barracks. After that, they backed out and headed back in again several minutes later to win the game.

Kee Chyuan “ChYuan” Ng was an absolute beast on Death Prophet, with 7 kills, 11 assists, 1 death and a net worth of 17.4k. Song “Sccc” Chun was even better on Morphling, with 8 kills, 8 assists, 1 death and a net worth of 25.7k.

The second game was a different story. Team Aster put on an absolute masterclass. In fact, it was a 23-minute stomp. ChYuan was flawless on Storm Spirit, with 8 kills, 8 assists, 0 deaths and a net worth of 13.3k. But Sccc was up there too, with 6 kills, 7 assists, 1 death and the same net worth as ChYuan.

Alliance responded in the third game. It was a bit of an arm-wrestle. But Sccc farmed well and became an absolute raid boss on Anti-Mage. Then he made a costly mistake which turned the momentum around.

From there, Alliance won a couple of late fights in quick succession and closed out the game. Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov performed well on Lifestealer, with 9 kills, 11 assists, 3 deaths and a net worth of 20.9k. Linus “Limmp” Blomdin wasn’t too far behind on Death Prophet, with 9 kills, 8 assists, 4 deaths and a net worth of 19.4k. Neta “33” Shapira also had a good game, with 8 kills, 17 assists, 3 deaths and a net worth of 15.1k.

The fourth and final game wasn’t even close. Team Aster was back to their best. And they put on an absolute clinic, obliterating Alliance in 32 minutes. Sccc was insane on Gyrocopter, with 11 kills, 7 assists, 1 death and a net worth of 21.6k. It seems like he has found the form and confidence he’d been lacking.

Team Aster looked dominant all tournament. They were undefeated in the group stage and finished at the top of their group.  In the upper bracket, they beat Alliance 2 – 0 in the first round and Gambit 2 – 0 in the second round before facing Alliance again the final series. In fact, the only game they dropped in the whole tournament was their one loss to Alliance.

Team Aster secured $72,000 and 140 DPC points for winning the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor. But more importantly, their victory means they have secured a berth at the upcoming ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Major, which starts on March 15. They barely missed out on qualifying for the major. But they will be thrilled to have a second chance. And above all, it gives them another opportunity to earn more DPC points.

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