Diablo 4 players aren't happy with the battle pass

Diablo 4’s Season 1 Battle Pass has sparked disappointment among players, who are voicing their frustration over what they see as an underwhelming distribution of rewards.

The highly anticipated Battle Pass has left players feeling unrewarded, as the premium currency earned falls short of meeting expectations.

With the Battle Pass offering a mere 666 Platinum, players are finding themselves unable to purchase even the most basic cosmetic items in the store, which demand a hefty 800 Platinum.

This noticeable discrepancy has fueled criticism, leaving players unable to fully enjoy the benefits they’ve earned.

Expressing their dissatisfaction, players took to social media platforms, including Reddit, to share their grievances. One player sarcastically praised Blizzard with a “solid 10/10 season, top to bottom,” while highlighting the irony of the Battle Pass awarding less Platinum than the cost of the cheapest store item.

Others voiced their disappointment, comparing Diablo 4 to other games, saying, “It’s a shame, as I imagine to get the premium pass next season, it’ll cost more than 666 plat. At least with Battlefield 2042, of all [expletive] things, they give you enough coins with each pass to get the next seasons without paying anything.”

The discontent extends beyond just the Battle Pass rewards. Players are also expressing frustration over the exclusive seasonal armor set, which, while desirable, does little to make up for the lack of usable currency. As the Platinum earned falls short of allowing players to purchase items they desire, the reward system feels more like a missed opportunity than a satisfying experience.

Some players are already contemplating their gaming options, with a few old-school Diablo fans considering exploring alternatives like Path of Exile 2. Praised for its fair monetization system and free-to-play model, Path of Exile 2 stands in stark contrast to the perceived shortcomings of Diablo 4’s Battle Pass.

One player humorously suggested, “Rename to Diablo Immoral 2,” emphasizing the frustration with the game’s current state.

Amidst this growing disappointment, Blizzard faces the challenge of maintaining player satisfaction and addressing concerns surrounding the game’s balancing issues and progression changes.

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