Diablo 4 (Blizzard)

The famous Twitch and YouTube content creator Asmongold has decided to stop playing Diablo 4 due to his frustration with the Season 1 update, which he believes has made the game more challenging and less enjoyable. Asmongold’s departure from the game has left many fans surprised and concerned about the future of Diablo 4.

Previously, Asmongold had enjoyed playing Diablo 4 during his streams, sharing his experiences with his massive audience. However, the recent changes introduced in the Season 1 update have significantly altered his perception of the game. In a recent YouTube clip from the popular Asmongold clips channel, the content creator was repeatedly attempting to overcome a boss in Diablo 4 but kept getting one-shotted, leading to his frustration.

On the first attempt, Asmongold found himself well away from the enemy and was unexpectedly killed, to which the streamer replied with a simple “Ok.” The next attempt was almost a carbon copy of the first, prompting him to exclaim “what the f**k” while laughing. The third attempt proved to be the breaking point for Asmongold as he once again faced an instant one-hit KO. “Oh f**k, I don’t think I can do it,” he admitted.

After facing defeat for the fourth time, Asmongold expressed his discontent with the game mechanics to his viewers: “The mechanics are dogs**t, it’s c**p.” One viewer called him out for being a quitter, but Asmongold responded, “So, you want me to sit there and play a game that just sucks? Why? Why would I do that? You want me to sit there and get mad playing a game that’s frustrating and not fun?”

Another viewer chimed in with a comment that echoed the sentiment of many frustrated players: “Imagine any other developer failing to make a working resistance system on a released game and gaslighting players by pushing fixes into later seasons as if that’s acceptable.”

In the end, Asmongold summed up his feelings with a simple “yep” before declaring, “I’m not playing, I’m done.”

Given his status as one of the biggest streamers in the world, Asmongold’s departure from Diablo 4 could have significant consequences for the game’s popularity and community engagement.

Asmongold’s decision to quit playing Diablo 4 is not an isolated incident. The Season 1 update has received mixed reviews, with players expressing disappointment over side quests’ rewards and the overall difficulty of the game.

This negative reception raises concerns for the future of Diablo 4, as Blizzard aims to maintain long-term player interest and goodwill.

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