Counter-Strike Operation Shattered Web

After two years of waiting, Counter-Strike players will once again be able to join together and complete cooperative missions in order to gain rewards in-game. Shattered Web is the first operation since May 2017 when Operation Hydra was introduced to players.

Shattered Web introduces a whole load of new features to the game including skins for player models as well as an end of match accolades screen which seems similar to Dota 2’s MVP screen that recently featured in the annual TI battle pass.

Three new maps have been included in the pass, with ‘Lunacy’, ‘Jungle,’ and ‘Studio’ all being introduced. ‘Lunacy’ has been made specifically for popular game mode Flying Scoutsman and ‘Jungle’ is an all-new Danger Zone map. All three are available in regular matchmaking as well.

There are 22 new agents for players to unlock and use on their character models that can be used in all game modes including competitive, meaning players can have different individual characters instead of using the same base models for T and CT sides.

These skins can be unlocked by completing missions to earn stars that can then be spent on different agents with varying rarity. For example, the ‘Doctor’ Romanov agent is a master tier agent, meaning it will take more stars to unlock him compared to a skin of distinguished agent quality.

Shattered Web skins for Counter-Strike

There are also three new collections of weapons available to players through completing missions on certain maps, with the Norse, St. Marc, and Canals collections all having 18 new weapon skins available to drop. An all-new set of Graffiti can also be earned from this pass.

Finally, there is the new Shattered Web case and Sticker pack, which features four new types of knives as well as 17 new weapon skins. These cases and stickers can be dropped by completing missions and leveling up your operation pass.

The pass is significantly more expensive than previous operations at $14.99 but this is due to the large amount of content available within the pass, with Valve stating, “the operation will last longer than 16 weeks. A new set of missions will be unlocked each week for 16 weeks.” This means players will have at least four months of updating missions to look forward to in the pass.

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