Mousesports beat ENCE to win CS:GO Asia Championship

Mousesports was able to claim victory in the CS:GO Asia Championship in Shanghai after taking down ENCE 2-0 today.

During the group stage of the tournament, ENCE beat mousesports 2-1 in order to top group B however this time it was mousesports who were able to overcome ENCE and take home the title in China. 

ENCE was looking for a comfort pick in the veto, however, mousesports would ban Mirage, a map that ENCE would beat them on earlier on in the tournament forcing ENCE to pick Train. After picking up a 9-6 lead at the half, mousesports would give up three consecutive rounds to allow ENCE to even the scoreline, but they would only drop one more round during the rest of the map, taking Train 16-10.

This would lead the two teams onto Inferno, where they would have an almost even first half, with mousesports taking a narrow 8-7 lead into their CT side. There they would dominate the second half, losing only four rounds in order to take the map 16-11, the series 2-0 and the championship.

David “frozen” Čerňanský and Özgür “woxic” Eker were the star performers during the series, both coming away with a KD of +20. Woxic also was able to claim the first-ever MVP award of his professional career after leading his team in tournament ratings as well as being the fifth highest-rated player overall at the event.

This is the third title for mousesports after changing their roster back in March, previously winning the Dreamhack Open in Tour in May and following it up by winning the Starladder Minor in order to qualify for the Major in Berlin. The European mix will now head to Odense for the ESL Pro League finals before finishing the year at the CS_summit in Los Angeles.

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