How to Cap or Uncap FPS in Counter-Strike 2: Guide 1

Counter-Strike 2 offers an immersive gaming experience, but optimizing your FPS can significantly enhance gameplay smoothness and overall performance.

Whether you’re looking to cap your FPS to save power or uncap it for maximum performance, this guide will walk you through the process using the game’s console commands.

How to Cap or Uncap FPS in Counter-Strike 2

Achieving the desired FPS can lead to a more stable and smoother gaming experience. Here’s how to adjust your FPS settings:

  1. Enabling the Developer Console:
    • Navigate to the game’s settings (top left).
    • Go to the ‘Game’ section and enable the ‘Developer Console’.
    • By default, the console can be accessed using the ~ key (below the ‘Esc’ key).
  2. Capping Your FPS:
    • Open the console and type fps_max [number]. Replace [number] with the desired FPS limit, e.g., fps_max 120 to cap at 120 FPS.
    • The change is instant and can be done anytime, even during gameplay.
  3. Uncapping Your FPS:
    • To remove the FPS cap, open the console and type fps_max 0.
    • This will allow the game to run at the highest FPS possible based on your hardware.
  4. Adjusting Main Menu FPS:
    • The main menu FPS can be adjusted separately using the fps_max_menu [number] command.
  5. Disabling V-Sync:
    • If your FPS isn’t exceeding a certain number, you might have V-Sync enabled.
    • Go to ‘Video’ settings, select ‘Advanced Video’, and ensure ‘Wait for Vertical Sync’ is disabled.
  6. Checking FPS Settings:
    • To verify your FPS settings, type find fps_max in the console. This will display the current FPS cap and its default value.

Adjusting your FPS settings in Counter-Strike 2 can lead to a more optimized gaming experience, whether you’re aiming for power efficiency or maximum performance. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily cap or uncap your FPS, ensuring a gameplay experience tailored to your preferences.

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