Dignitas loan GuardiaN for FLASHPOINT Season 1 1

Dignitas announced on March 9 that Håkon “hallzerk” Fjærli will be unable to attend FLASHPOINT Season 1 due to visa issues and that AWPer Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács will stand in his place. 

Natus Vincere agreed to loan out the Slovakian AWPer to play alongside the Swedish team in the upcoming FLASHPOINT series. GuardiaN has been sitting on the Na’Vi bench since the end of January after a long string of bad results, which is not typical of the veteran player.

Can GuardiaN regain form

Although GuardiaN has not had much time to practice with the Swedish players and is also on a temporary loan, viewers will be watching closely to see if the benched player has taken time to regain his form.

The loan is set to be temporary while hallzerk continues to sort out the visa issues indicating FLASHPOINT allows for roster changes mid-season, although this could be a rare exemption.

The news will come as shock to Dignitas fans, as hallzerk has been a staple in their recent success after qualifying for the ESL Europe Minor Championship. Other than the legendary quintet, hallzerk is the newest addition and being 19-years-old is the youngest of the team, hoping to bring fresh new ideas and a different style of gameplay.

Big shoes to fill

The AWP role will be a tough performance to follow as the Norwegian youngster has had a great performance in the last three months standing at a 1.18 rating. GuardiaN, on the other hand, has a rating of 0.85 and is out of competitive practice since late January.

Viewers will be keen to see if the Dignitas can pull off the same results with GuardiaN as a stand-in or if their recent success was all down to the new dynamic hallzerk brings. The same also goes if Dignitas perform well with GuardiaN.

When Dignitas announced their return to Counter-Strike fans speculated the Slovakian AWPer to be a great addition. If GuardiaN regains his form and shines in the team there may just be further negotiations between Dignitas and Na’Vi which go beyond a simple loan.

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