Anubis map in Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 has rolled out its first update for 2024, following a brief hiatus since late December.

Valve’s commitment to refining and improving CS2 is evident in this 880MB update, addressing several key areas from UI to gameplay.

Ancient CS2
Ancient in Counter-Strike 2 (By SKGamingReturn)

CS2 Patch Notes for January 4, 2024

[ UI ]

  • Fixed cases where there was a visible delay loading map images in the Play menu
  • Fixed a bug where items that can’t be equipped were visible in the Loadout menu
  • Fixed a bug where loadout items couldn’t be unequipped
  • Fixed a bug where loadout changes weren’t saved if the game was quit shortly after making changes
  • Fixed a bug where loadout changes on the main menu character were delayed

[ MISC ]

  • Fixed some visual issues with demo playback
  • Fixed an issue where animations would not play back correctly in a CSTV broadcast
  • Adjusted wear values of some community stickers to better match CS:GO

[ MAPS ]

  • Ancient: Added simplified grenade collisions to corner trims and central pillar on B site
  • Anubis: Adjusted clipping at A site steps between Walkway and Heaven

This update marks a significant step since December 22, 2023, which solely focused on a grenade refund issue. Since CS2’s official launch on September 27, 2023, Valve has been actively addressing community feedback and implementing necessary changes. This latest update, although seemingly minor, indicates Valve’s ongoing commitment to game balance and user experience.

The adjustments to the maps Ancient and Anubis demonstrate a keen attention to competitive play, ensuring that gameplay remains fluid and strategies can evolve without technical hindrances. Similarly, the UI improvements reflect a quality-of-life enhancement, making the game more accessible and user-friendly.

The Counter-Strike community has been vocal in demanding more from Valve, especially in terms of content and gameplay refinement. This update, while addressing several crucial aspects, is just a step in the ongoing journey of CS2’s evolution. Players can likely expect more comprehensive updates in the future as Valve continues to balance community expectations with the game’s strategic and technical development.

Stay tuned for more updates on Counter-Strike 2 as Valve continues to fine-tune this legendary title for the modern era.

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