Clash of Clans update hailed as “blessing” for casual players amid pro backlash

Clash of Clans update hailed as "blessing" for casual players amid pro backlash 1

Clash of Clans casual players praise Town Hall 16 balance changes after a pro player took to social media to complain about the game’s lack of “strategy” after updates. 

Supercell’s first mobile game, Clash of Clans, grew vastly in its 12-year history. More than the constant additions of new Town Hall levels, troops, and even new bases and game mechanics, the previously casual game now has a competitive esports scene. 

Having a pro scene means a world of difference in terms of defensive and offensive strategies compared to those who played Clash of Clans in their free time. This balancing act proved challenging for CoC devs after the polarized insights for the recent defensive nerf for higher town hall levels. 

In a recent update to Town Hall 16 and 15, the devs nerfed defensive tower damages and significantly affected the attacking style of pro play. However, as much as these nerfs were scorned in the competitive scene, casual CoC players welcomed the changes with much delight.

Clash of Clans casual players slam pros for “attempting to ruin the game” 

The player defends the recent nerfs and strategy changes in the Reddit post. They state that not everyone playing Clash of Clans is eager to learn specific meta strategies and attacks to earn three stars in their Clan Wars. 

It can be noted that Clash of Clans pro player and medalist NAVI Klaus has expressed his disapproval of the defensive nerfs, even calling it a “collapse” in the game’s perfect balance. The pro suggested that other players in the competitive scene are bound to grow tired of the game amid the nerfs’ blow to its “strategic” nature. 

Meanwhile, casual players think the opposite. The original Reddit poster recalls the time before the defensive changes when the game “sucked” due to overpowered defenses such as the spell tower and the Town Hall weapon. 

In the comment section, other players have approved the observation. For the casual Clash of Clans players, attacking became much more enjoyable and served its purpose as a fun mobile game while maintaining its challenging aspect. 

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The clashing perspectives are, indeed, hard to reconcile as pros clamor for a challenging scene while casuals want to maintain the game’s enjoyable nature.

Supercell is still mum on further game or competitive updates, while the two communities have opposing opinions on Clash of Clans balancing. 

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