Clash of Clans pros furious as nerfs lead to “worst meta ever”

Clash of Clans pros furious as nerfs lead to "worst meta ever" 1

A Clash of Clans pro player has slammed Supercell’s approach to making the game more casual player-friendly as nerfs break the meta for the pro scene. 

The 12-year mobile strategy game Clash of Clans has long abandoned its “simple” days when hog riders and wizards are all the rave. Nowadays, Supercell’s first title is more than just a “past-time game,” now boasting a thriving esports scene with millions of dollars at stake.

Given the game’s massive change, each new troop introduction or adding a new town hall level swings the meta for the pro scene. Meanwhile, the devs also need to balance the complexity of the mechanics for casual Clash of Clans players. 

This juggling act between shaking the pro scene and keeping the game public-friendly proved challenging for Supercell. Amid the recent changes to Town Hall 15 defenses and troop power, pros are slamming the update for making Clash of Clans less of a strategy game.

Among the greatest changes to the game’s meta, besides massively reducing TH15 power, is the introduction of Hero Equipment. 

The Hero Equipment shook the CoC attack meta more than any update ever did, as it further solidified the hero-reliant attack comps and strategies rather than focusing on your troops. 

Some of the “overpowered” Hero Equipment includes the Grand Warden’s Healing Tome, which heals all surrounding troops for 16 seconds. Combined with the Warden’s Eternal Tome, which basically makes your troops immune to all damage, all offensive troops are almost immortal during the attack. 

On the pro scene, attacking is less about the “classical” CoC troops and now about the Super Troops and Hero Equipment. In the recent North American finals of the Clash of Clans Snapdragon Pro Series, the most-used troops include Super Dragons, Root Riders, and the Headhunter. 

Given the power of the troops and the nerfs for defensive buildings, some players in higher town-hall levels call for buffs on the defensive towers to avoid “spam attacks” that are considered less strategic.

NAVI Klaus’ statement on Clash of Clans’ losing its spark as a strategy game earned approval from other figures in the CoC pro scene. Some players note that given the game’s current state, pro players will lose interest in the “boring meta.” 

Supercell is yet to announce updates and in-game additions that may significantly shake the meta. Currently, players can enjoy interface updates and the new Overgrowth spell, which may change the attacking strategy for Town Halls 12 and above. 

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