Clash of Clans pauses Hero Equipment release after boycott from players

Clash of Clans pauses Hero Equipment release after boycott from players 1

After massive backlash for the game’s jam-packed schedule, Supercell foregoes releasing a new Hero Equipment in the new Clash of Clans event.

Clash of Clans devs and community managers prove their dedication to keeping their player base satisfied, as Supercell announces that the upcoming April in-game event would not feature a new Hero Equipment after the backlash from the last event. 

While the 12-year-old game prides itself on constant updates and dynamic gameplay with frequent events and new in-game content, many players were unhappy with the rapid addition of Hero Equipment. 

Most recently, the last Super Dragon Event faced backlash and calls for boycott, as players called the event “lazy” and the game’s transition to rely on microtransactions. After the heated response from the playerbase, Supercell announced that the April Clash of Clans event schedule would not feature new Hero Equipment. 

Clash of Clans teases new Egyptian Hero skin line on April Event Calendar

Since December, three Hero Equipment have been introduced in the game, a feat many CoC players have noted to be “too demanding” regarding time and resources. 

This was due to the continuous attacks needed to acquire the Hero upgrades, which were becoming increasingly difficult, and the time-consuming grind of the ores necessary to level up the equipment. 

Most fans are delighted and surprised with the turn of events, as the new Clash of Clans community manager has previously “confirmed” that Supercell plans to release new Hero Equipment along with monthly events.

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While the new Royal Champion equipment is shelved for future release, CoC players still have plenty to look forward to in the month of April, including a new skin line for the Heroes on the Egypt Challenge Event. 

Clash of Clans pauses Hero Equipment release after boycott from players 2

Clash of Clans players can expect these skins to be available via the unique event-special currency, just like the previous Dragon Festival Event and the Dragon Warden skin last February. 

Other in-game content you may look forward to include the upcoming Egypt Scenery pack and events that will require your Clans’ best teamwork, such as the Clan War Leagues and the Clan Games!

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