Clash of Clans newest Hero Equipment reminds fans of Attack on Titan

Clash of Clans newest Hero Equipment reminds fans of Attack on Titan 1

Clash of Clans keeps its Hero Equipment roster fresh with the newest addition to the Royal Champion kit, the Rocket Spear. 

In the 12-year-old mobile strategy game Clash of Clans, Super Cell lets you up your offensive front in many ways. One of the newest features to the game, the Hero Equipment, is among the many game-changing recent expansions introduced to the game. 

The Hero Equipment diversifies the abilities and synergies of your Heroes to your army. It can take the support-centered Grand Warden to be the next-level DPS with the Fireball and can make your Archer Queen self-sufficient with the Frozen Arrow and the Healer Puppet. 

The latest addition to the Hero Equipment roster, the Royal Champion’s Rocket Spear, makes your defense-focused unit a long-ranged weapon. And given its name and eye-catching animation, the Rocket Spear reminds the CoC player community of a well-loved anime item. 

New Hero Equipment makes the Royal Champion a long-ranged nightmare

While some players would not consider the Royal Champion a melee unit, the hero still lacks the ranged capability to synergize with “walk” attacks. Given this, the Royal Champion is often used as a hefty damage dealer that enters the battlefield along with most of your troop deployment. 

The latest Hero Equipment increases the Royal Champion’s range to 10 tiles, making the hero a nightmare for short-ranged yet high-damage towers, such as the Spell Tower and a single-target Inferno Tower. 

Many fans quickly point out its similarity with Attack on Titan’s Thunder Spears, which was used to eradicate even the Titans with the toughest shells. 

The Rocket Spear will join the epic-level Hero Equipment, often gained through special events. All three current epic Hero Equipment were released through special events and Event Passes, which feature limited-time missions and unique in-game currency that can be used to purchase Magic Items or Hero Equipment.

While most players are looking for game-changing Hero Equipment that can perfectly complement their chosen attack, some are concerned about the Rocket Sphere’s ability to adapt to the current “fast-paced” meta. 

On the upside, the Rocket Sphere can significantly help avoid harder-hitting yet short-ranged defense towers on higher Town Hall levels. However, some players may find the limit of the RC’s long-ranged hits less than necessary to make a difference. 

Aside from its activated ability, the Hero Equipment also grants an extra damage power to the Royal Champion. 

Like our previous guides, we will update you on the latest news about Clash of Clans’ newest Hero Equipment and whether it is worth the grind. Stay tuned for future articles about the Rocket Spear, only at Level Push.

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