What are Magic Items in Clash of Clans?

What are Magic Items in Clash of Clans? 1

If you’re looking for a guide on Magic Items in Clash of Clans – from the best items to the ones worth spending real money for, look no further!

Throughout the game’s more than a decade run, Clash of Clans devs have added significant quality-of-life improvements to the game. Aside from empowering your heroes, adding a second base for upgrades, and new town hall levels, players can now win or purchase Magic Items that can significantly aid you throughout your gameplay. 

Before adding Magic Items, the best a player can do to rush research and building time is to spend the most precious in-game currency, Gems. With Magic Items, you can reduce your research time by a day or even instantly upgrade troops, buildings, and your heroes. 

If you’re wondering which Magic Items are worth buying, selling, or spending real money on, we’ll explain it here! 

Kinds of Magic Items in Clash of Clans

There are generally four kinds of Magic Items in CoC, including a few distinct items. On your town hall, you’ll find potions, books, runes, and hammers that can all be used to upgrade your home and builder bases. 

Potions – Potions are Elixir boosts that either speed up your research and builders or power up your troops. Most Potions last an hour and are generally the cheapest Magic Items you can buy.

Books – Books are Magic Items that instantly waive your upgrade time, whether it be a building, troop research, or powering up your Hero. However, you still need to spend elixir and gold and have a builder to use a Magic Book. 

Hammers—Unlike Magic Books, a hammer instantly upgrades without the cost of in-game currencies or the need for a builder. 

Runes – Runes instantly fill up your resource storage to its maximum capacity. This is best used when you’re running low on resources and have your storage upgraded at maximum level for your Town Hall. 

Others—There are three other kinds of Magic Items: the Shovel of Obstacles, which makes an obstacle permanently moveable; the Builder Star Jar; and the Wall Ring. 

Where to get Magic Items in Clash of Clans

The Gold Pass

The first and easiest way to acquire magic items is to grind the Gold Pass. Even for those who did not buy the battle pass, players will still get a handful of potions and a Book of Heroes once they finish all levels. 

However, the potions included in the free Gold Pass are only the following: Training Potion, Super Potion, Research Potion, Resource Potion, Hero Potion, Power Potion, and Clock Tower Potion. You’ll need other options if you’re looking for the coveted Builder Potion. 

Clan Games

The second way of acquiring Magic Items is through the Clan Games. The Clan Games are very generous regarding awards, sometimes giving out precious Books that instantly upgrade your defenses and heroes. So make sure to be active and participate in Clan Games!

Trader Shop

Before seeking help with the Special Offers option and swiping your card for Supercell, seek help from the Trader Shop first. The Trader gives you three ways to buy Magic Items, with Gems, Raid Medals, or event-special currencies. 

League Shop

Given its high worth of instantly upgrading your base or hero with no cost, hammers are harder to come by. These Magic Items are available only at the League Shop and are available with League Medals. 

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Special Offers

If you’re really a fan of Magic Items and the help they bring to your village, Clash of Clans has a Special Offers section with limited-time deals that are absolutely worth the buck. 

Best Magic Items in Clash of Clans

If you’re looking for which Magic Items are worth splurging on (whether with Gems or real-life money), we’ll list some of the best ones below for you!

Training Potion – This potion only costs 25 Gems in the Trader Shop and boosts your barracks, spell factories, and heroes’ regeneration. The Trader restocks three potions weekly, which is handy if you’re trophy or resource farming. Before spending 30 Gems to rush an attack, ensure you’ve already used up all your Training Potions for the week! 

Hero Potion – One of the greatest pains of being a CoC player is the tedious upgrade time of Heroes. Thankfully, the Hero Potion lets you experience the wrath of your heroes at the maximum level allowed by your Town Hall for a whole hour. This comes in handy for winning Clan Wars when you’re faced against a base with higher-level defenses. 

Power Potion –Much like the Hero Potion, this potion lets you bring the maximum number of troops your Town Hall allows to the battlefield. It is also best used for winning clutch Clan Wars, where your Clan’s win depends on your attack. (Yikes!)

Book of Heroes – If you want your hero to be more powerful beyond an hour, you’ll need a Book of Heroes. This skips the 5-day wait (for levels 50 and above) when upgrading your Heroes. 

Book of Building – For players with Town Halls 12 and above, defensive tower upgrades can take more than a week. This wait can fill your resource storage to the brim, making you vulnerable to attacks! Use the Book of Building for higher-level or longer upgrades, such as leveling up a Town Hall. 

What Magic Items should I sell for Gems? 

If there are Magic Items worth spending on, there are also items worth letting go in exchange for Gems. You can sell these items at your Town Hall or choose the “exchange for gems” option on the Gold Pass. 

Resource Potion – Unlike runes, Resource Potions’ boost to your drillers and collectors is insignificant. Some players even forget that their collectors are boosted and return to a decimated village! (Oops!) 

Power Potion—You may be surprised to find the same Magic Item on both lists. “How can an item be worth buying and selling at the same time?!” Well, you may sell the Power Potion if you’ve already upgraded all your favorite troops to their maximum level for your Town Hall. Let’s say you’re a Dragoon attacker, and you’ve already maxed out both Dragon and Balloon. You would have no use for this potion by then and would much rather opt for the 10 Gems. 

Shovel of Obstacles – Unless you’re a seasoned Clash of Clans player and want to show off the yearly Clashmas Trees or Anniversary Cakes, you won’t use the Shovel of Obstacles much. This Magic Item sells for a whopping 50 gems, making it one of the most expensive items. 

Clock Tower Potion – Unlike most potions, the Clock Tower Potion only functions for 30 minutes and works at the Builder Base. Clock Tower Potions are better sold than used, unless you’re keen on boosting your upgrades on the Builder Base, which are often less time-demanding than the home base.

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