How to Queen Walk in Clash of Clans

How to Queen Walk in Clash of Clans 1

You’ve probably heard of Queen Walk from Clash of Clans content creators and pros. Look no further if you need a guide on how your Archer Queen can lead you to victory. 

Clash of Clans Heroes have long departed from their role of mere home village guards. Nowadays, these special troops rule the meta of CoC multiplayer and Clan War attacking strategies, bringing them to the center of the action on the battlefield. 

While all Clash of Clans heroes have particular strengths, one specific royalty has earned the “S+” status in most strategies—the Archer Queen. She is often considered the greatest damage dealer out of the four, and her recent Equipment additions have made her even more powerful. 

Ready to three-star your Clan Wars and dominate your League with hard-hitting attacks? Here’s our guide to Queen Walking in Clash of Clans!

What is “Queen Walk” in Clash of Clans

The Queen Walk, also known as Queen Charge, is the strategy of making your Archer Queen roam around the enemy base with four to five healers, making her almost immortal on the battlefield. 

If you’re wondering why Clash of Clans tacticians ended up using the Archer Queen out of all other Hero options, well, it’s because of her range and attack speed. While the Barbarian King has more hitpoints and the Royal Champion boasts mobility and deals greater damage, the Archer Queen’s ability to reach defensive towers hiding behind walls makes her the top choice. 

A Queen Charge should be deployed before your main attack. This strategy’s main goal is to eliminate as many buildings, both defensive and resource before your troops wreak havoc in the enemy base. 

Troops to use in a Queen Walk

How to Queen Walk in Clash of Clans 2

The general rule of a Queen Walk is to include at least four healers in your army. Four healers are enough for lower-level players, particularly those with Town Halls 9 and 10. This is because the only “risks” for your healers to bid goodbye are Archer Towers, Air Defenses, and X-Bows. 

By the time you climb to Town Halls 11 and above, there is a greater risk of your healers dying first, leaving your Queen unsupported. Some of the defensive towers you should note include higher-level Air Defenses, Multiple-Targeting Inferno Towers, Seeking Air Mines, and Scattershots. 

Other than the Healers, your Archer Queen should also be of sufficient level to take out enemy buildings and have enough hitpoints to withstand defensive hits. Considering this, it is best to max out your Archer Queen levels based on your Town Halls if you wish to master Queen Charges. 

Regarding spells, bringing a Rage Spell dedicated to the Queen Walk is a must to improve your Archer Queen damage and the healing of your healers.  

Attack Strategies for Queen Walk 

How to Queen Walk in Clash of Clans 3
  • Ground Attack— Some of your biggest enemies on a Ground Attack are Inferno Towers and Bomb Towers. Thankfully, Archer Queen outranges these two towers and could easily eliminate a huge chunk of the defense line before you send in your ground troops, tanks, and heavy-hitters.
  • Air Attack – Unlike on lower-level Town Halls, Lightning Spells won’t be enough to eliminate Air Defenses on Town Halls 11 and above. Spending all your spell space on lightning towers won’t be a good idea either. This is where a Queen Walk comes in handy, as it could eliminate Air Defenses, Scattershots, and Wizard Towers from a distance.
  • Hybrid Attack – For higher-level players, your Queen Charge should try to eliminate the Inferno Tower and the Eagle Artillery. These two defensive towers are your worst enemies regarding hybrid attacks, so make sure to decimate them before sending in your main attack horde.

And that’s everything you need to know about how to Queen Walk in Clash of Clans! Be sure to check out our Hero Equipment Tier List and our Funneling guide.

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