How to Level Up Your Clan Fast in Clash of Clans

How to Level Up Your Clan Fast in Clash of Clans 1

Looking for the best ways to level up your clan in Clash of Clans? Here’s how you can get your hands on precious Clan Perks faster! 

Clash of Clans is more than just about strategy; it’s also about teamwork. Beyond highly competitive Clan Wars, CoC also has Clan Perks that can greatly aid in in-game quality of life, especially for lower-level clan members. 

If you’re a new player or looking to start your clan, you may wonder if there is a fast-track way to level up your clan. While there is no cheat code for boosting your Clan XP, you can use our tried-and-tested ways to level up your clan fast in Clash of Clans. 

But first, let’s discuss why you should be hot on your toes when accruing Clan XP. 

How to Level Up Your Clan Fast in Clash of Clans 2

What Are Clan Perks?

Think of Clan Perks as “rewards” to active clans and their top-performing members. Clan perks are benefits your clan unlocks in Clash of Clans by earning Clan XP. Here are some of these perks your Clan can get in exchange for Clan XP. 

  • Rad clan badge – An upgraded clan badge is the best way to boast about your clan’s activity and teamwork! Clan Perks includes better clan borders for your clan’s symbol. 
  • In-game advantage – All Clan members can enjoy shortened Clan Troop request refresh time and automatically upgraded Clan Castle troops. This will come in handy for helping lower-level Clanmates with boosted troops. 
  • Extra treasury storage – Treasury is the extra resource storage in your Clan Castle. This is where your Daily Bonus and War Loot go. Clans with higher XP have higher treasury storage allotment. 
  • War bonus upgrades – This will come in handy when you’re trying to grind for Clan XP! This Clan Perk lets your clanmates take home more Elixir and Gold after a victorious Clan War. 

How to gain Clan XP fast

How to Level Up Your Clan Fast in Clash of Clans 3

Keep the Wars Coming

In Clash of Clans, your clans should constantly clash against other teams to earn the most XP. Even in the Clan Wars, where your side is at a great disadvantage, this still opens up more opportunities to gain Clan XP. As long as your teammates gain stars from their attacks, your Clan is still well on its way to gaining more Clan Perks. 

Include a variety of members in Clan Wars

While most Clan Leaders believe their Clan Wars should be dominated by top Town Hall levels and top-league members, it’s crucial to remember the power of ‘balancing.’ If your clan fields 15 Town Hall 15 bases for war, you will likely face a clan with the same composition. This strategy underscores the importance of every member’s contribution, regardless of their level. 

If your clan has lower-level Town Halls, involve them in the Clan War. This way, the higher-level players will have a greater chance of clearing lower-level enemy bases with their second attacks.

Moreover, the balancing also works: Even if you’re not facing an opponent of a similar level, the player above you or below your rank may face a lower-level enemy. When various members play in the war, the higher-level second attacks will have more bearing on winning the war. 

Know when to “Mirror Attack”

Mirror Attacking is when a Clan’s ranked one player attacks the enemy top player, and the second-ranked player attacks Town Hall number 2, and so forth. While this may sound like the most “democratic” option when planning your Clan War attacks, make sure to consider the capability of your members to attack. 

There are also some high-level Town Halls with rushed bases. So, if, for example, the third-ranked enemy has a rushed base with a Town Hall 13, while the fourth-ranked enemy has a Town Hall 12 with maximum-level defenses, your clan’s fourth attacker may be better off attacking enemy #3. 

Leaders should make sure to review their enemy bases and defensive tower levels before designating attacks in the war. 

Schedule Hero Upgrades with Clanmates

If your clan’s goal is to spam wars constantly, you may face the hurdle of when to upgrade your Heroes. This is especially true for higher-level players, who can take more than five days to upgrade these special troops. 

Because it is exceptionally challenging to three-star enemy bases without Heroes, try to schedule a period for your Clanmates to upgrade their Heroes. Give your members one to two weeks of breathing room from wars to dedicate most, if not all, of their builders to strengthening their Heroes. 

Be active during Clan Games 

Beyond Clan Wars, Clan Games are your second-best bet for gaining Clan XP. This seasonal event requires the maximum collaborative effort among Clan members! 

More than Clan XP, Clan Games rewards players with Magic Items and in-game currency. It’s your best chance to show your camaraderie and team effort during this event! 

Never miss out on Raid Weekends

Aside from giving out Capital Gold for Clan Capital upgrades and Raid Medals, Raid Weekends also grant your clan some precious XP. Given its multiple benefits and rewards for five attacks a week, never miss out on Raid Weekends!

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