How to get the sixth builder in Clash of Clans

How to get the sixth builder in Clash of Clans 1

Did you know that Clash of Clans now lets you have more than five builders in your home base? Follow this guide to take home your sixth builder in CoC! 

If you’ve been playing Clash of Clans for a while, you probably know that one of the greatest frustrations is having all your five builders preoccupied when your coffers are filled to the brim. First, it makes you an eye candy for enemies and stops you from acquiring more loot in your attacks. 

Thankfully, Supercell introduced a way for players to take home a sixth builder with Builder Base. This extra builder is a delight for higher-level players, where defensive upgrades can take more than a week! 

What is the sixth builder in Clash of Clans?

How to get the sixth builder in Clash of Clans 2

Unlike the other builders in the home base, the sixth builder cannot be bought with gems. It exists in the Builder Base as B.O.B., which can be sent to your home base in the extra tower, B.O.B. hut. 

The B.O.B. appears as an inorganic robot, said to be built by the Master Builder. 

Building the B.O.B. 

To send the sixth builder to your home base, you must upgrade the B.O.B. Control to Level 5. However, unlocking its levels is not as simple as spending a few gold chunks or a blob of elixir. Upgrading the B.O.B. calls for specific actions and improvements in your Builder Base. 

Steps to get the sixth builder in Clash of Clans

  1. Give your Builder Base attention and effort

One of the biggest mistakes a Clash of Clans player makes is completely disregarding the Builder Base. While leading two villages takes a lot of effort, players who tend to their second base will reap many rewards. 

The sixth builder is solely available in the Builder Base, so make sure to collect your daily star bonuses, gold, and elixir for upgrades!

  1. Upgrade your Builder Hall to Level 9

The first actual requirement to unlocking the sixth builder is upgrading your Builder Hall (Builder Base equivalent of the Town Hall) to Level 9. This level is required to unlock the B.O.B. Control, while all the following steps are requirements to level up the tower. 

  1. Gear up Cannon, Archer Tower, and Mortar

After upgrading the Builder Hall, you must upgrade three specific defense towers. The easiest one is the Cannon, which requires a Builder Hall Lv. 4 and two days to gear up. If you’re tending over your Builder Base from the ground up, you probably unlocked this by BH9. 

Next, you need to gear up the Archer Tower. BH6 first unlocks this option, and takes a week to upgrade. 

Finally, and most time-consuming of all, is gearing up the Mortar. This upgrade takes two weeks, so if you’re rushing to get the sixth builder, you may need Clock Tower potions or a Book of Building.

  1. Research a troop to Level 18

You may use any troop for this step. However, the Night Witch or the Drop Ship are some of the most overpowered Builder Base troops, so we recommend prioritizing these two troops for your upgrades. 

  1. Upgrade a defense tower to Level 9 

Much like the flexibility to choose any troop, Clash of Clans also lets you upgrade any defense tower for this requirement. If you’re looking for the most efficient route, you may also upgrade the Mortar, as the third step already requires you to upgrade the tower to level 8. 

  1. Upgrade your Hero Machine

Your builder base has two Hero Machines: the Battle Copter and the Battle Machine. You need a cumulative of 45 levels across the two, so prioritize upgrading the Hero Machine you use the most. 

  1. Send your sixth builder home! 

Now that you’ve unlocked the fifth level of the B.O.B. Control, you can place the B.O.B. hut in your home village. You’ll have an extra hands-on builder to help you rapidly improve your defenses and progress to Legend status!

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