What is Funneling in Clash of Clans?

What is Funneling in Clash of Clans? 1

Funneling in Clash of Clans is more than just a strategy. It is a skill that you should learn for all of your attacks. This is your guide to funneling in CoC!

Clash of Clans is, first and foremost, a strategy game. While some troops look adorable, and tending over your home village can be quite relaxing, it is still all about the attacking strategies that will send you to the top of the League leaderboards. 

If you’ve ever tried researching attack strategies, you may have heard of “funneling.” In almost every strategy video tutorial, CoC content creators and guides will tell you to “funnel” your troops when sending them to the battleground. 

Need a guide on how to “funnel” your way to victory? Look no further! 

Defining Funneling in Clash of Clans

You must admit that nothing is as frustrating as seeing your troops make a “roundabout” on your attacks instead of heading straight to the Town Hall! 

Funneling means eliminating noise buildings and non-defensive towers to prevent your troops from straying away from the center of the enemy village. This is your way of controlling the Clash of Clans A.I. to target important buildings during attacks. 

This strategy is most common for troops not targeting specific buildings—for example, the P.E.K.K.A is one of the most common troops convicted for straying around. To help with this, you should eliminate unimportant buildings (barracks, collectors, or army camps) before sending costly troops in. 

How to funnel in Clash of Clans

What is Funneling in Clash of Clans? 2

Funneling is more than just the towers you destroy – it is also the ones you keep! 

Keeping a few towers in the center will help your troops “stay in the lane” toward the focus of your attack. Otherwise, your troops may head toward an impenetrable wall or wander around looking for a target (which is something we don’t want!).

Funneling for lower-level Town Halls

Funneling is not exclusive to players on higher-level Town Halls! You can start funneling as soon as you begin your Clash of Clans journey. Here are some of the essential steps you should remember when funneling. 

What is Funneling in Clash of Clans? 3
  • Deploy a tank – Deploying a tank to attract the attention of the enemy defensive towers is critical to your troops’ staying power. You may use a giant or golem for land attacks or a lava hound for air attacks. What matters is that you distract the defenses with a high-HP troop so your “damagers” can wreak havoc on the sidelines. 
  • Unleash wrath with Wizards or Archers – Wizards are often the most cost-efficient troop for funneling as they deal significant damage at the fastest rate. Place Wizards to target the stray buildings where you do not want most of your troops to go. 
  • Follow up with more high-damage troops – Now that you’ve eliminated towers that can catch the attention of your troops, you can now follow up with your main attack, no matter what that is! 
  • Funneling with a Dragon—If you’re planning an all-dragon attack, make sure to deploy at least two Dragons on the sidelines before sending all Dragons to the warzone. As Dragons do not have a priority setting on towers, it is up to the player to create a direction for the troops to attack. 

Funneling with Heroes

If you’re an early-level player (Town Hall 7-9), you may want your Barbarian King to stay in the middle of the action. However, this tank Hero becomes the most powerful troop for funneling as you progress in the game! 

The Barbarian King’s predictable pathing makes it a good funnel troop. Given its high HP, it can easily eliminate a massive chunk of outskirt buildings before sending in your main troops.

Once you understand how the B.K. AI works, it will do wonders for your attacking strategy! 

Meanwhile, Archer Queen may be more useful as a main damage dealer than a funnel troop. This is important to note as you should let your Wizards (or Baby Dragons) prepare the path for the Archer Queen to walk towards. 

Best troops for funneling

We’ve listed some of the best troops for funneling in Clash of Clans below:

  • Wizard – The Wizard is the most popular funnel troop regardless of Town Hall level. Its unparalleled damage and high attack rate make it the most efficient at eliminating stray towers, and it only takes up four housing spaces!
  • Baby Dragon – this troop’s ability to unleash havoc on its own makes it a good funnel option. However, the Baby Dragon excels in very specific attack comps, so make sure to do your research if you’re leaning toward the B.D.’s (fiery) cuteness!
  • Dragon – Even if you’re using an “all-dragon” raid, the mighty flying beast is enough to funnel its kind. Remember to be strategic in your troop placement, and don’t send in every Dragon at once!
  • Electro Dragon – You may be surprised to find the Electro Dragon on this list. But it is viable as a funneling troop for air and hybrid attacks. The “chain” feature of Electro Dragon’s attack makes it efficient in eliminating multiple stray buildings at once!
  • Bowler – If your enemy village has two layers of “outskirt buildings” (the buildings before the walls or the main defensive towers) instead of one, the Bowler’s bouncing boulders will be handy in dealing damage over layers of towers! 

While the Bowlers have a significantly lower attack rate than most troops on the list, deploying two to three Boulders is a good strategy for widespread bases. 

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