Clash of Clans dev confirms monthly events featuring epic equipment

Clash of Clans dev confirms monthly events featuring epic equipment 1

Clash of Clans devs confirm monthly events that may offer epic Hero Equipment, unique Hero Skins, and special Event Passes.

Supercell is ramping up its Clash of Clans calendar with monthly events featuring epic equipment, skins, and rewards for its loyal player base. These events depart from the previously “holiday-special” events often linked with seasonal occasions like Halloween or the holidays.

Events are one way the developers behind the 12-year-old game keep its player base interested. More than the usual offensive strategy demands and the budding Esports scene of COC, constant in-game additions are part of its allure.

The new Clash of Clans community manager, Ferri, announced the development in the Reddit Talks Clash Podcast.

“I don’t have the full road map for Epic Equipments, but I can say for sure that’s going to happen, let’s say, each month of the year until the end of the year,” Ferri revealed. “The next few events will be Epics, for sure.”

Based on the recent Clash of Clans events, players can expect an Event Pass to be available monthly. This pass is separate from the “Seasonal” monthly Gold Pass and offers a different reward system from the battle pass. 

Each event usually features a unique event-specific currency, which then can be used in the Trader Shop to avail Epic-grade Hero Equipment, skins, or Magic Items. Another aspect of Clash of Clans events is introducing limited-edition troops to excite the community with brand-new attack strategies. 

Other usual Event Pass inclusions include Ore for equipment upgrades, increased troop training speed, and limited-edition ornaments and statues. 

Clash of Clans dev confirms monthly events featuring epic equipment 2

However, the recent Super Dragon Event may give us a glimpse of what the non-holiday events of Clash of Clans look like. It is notable that the current event does not feature temporary troops but instead focuses on involving Super Dragons on the offensive armies of the players. 

Whether or not the Super Dragon Event serves as a precedent for upcoming Clash of Clans events, players may expect more additions in the Hero Equipment selections. 

Even if you’re not keen on grabbing the latest Hero Equipment or a new Hero Skin, it is always worth grinding the current event pass (even if you’re a free-to-play player)! The event-special currency may also be exchanged for potions, runes, and books in the Trader Shop! 

Would you be willing to spend monthly for Event Passes for new Hero Equipment and skins? Let us know in the comments below! 

The Clash of Clans Super Dragon Event runs from March 11 to March 21, 2024, 1 AM PST.

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