Clash of Clans Siege Machine Tier List (March 2024)

Clash of Clans Siege Machine Tier List (March 2024) 1

Are you eager to know the best Clash of Clans Siege Machines for any attacking strategy? Look no further – we’re here to rank which machine reigns supreme in dominating enemy bases!

It’s not every day we see mobile games stand the test of time as much as Clash of Clans does. Spanning over a decade of dominating the strategy game genre, Super Cell’s first title still rakes in the revenue and a dedicated player base today. 

As the game grew and expanded, long gone are the days when your attack strategy solely relied on mere giants and archers. We now have Siege Machines, Heroes, and even pets to aid higher-level attacks and decimate the enemy bases! 

Which siege machines are the best of the many possibilities available? Have no fear—we’ve created the comprehensive Siege Machine Tier List to help you navigate the havoc of warfare!

Clash of Clans Siege Machine Tier List (March 2024)

TierSiege Machine
SLog Launcher, Battle Blimp
AFlame Flinger, 
BStone Slammer
CWall Wrecker
DSiege Barracks, Battle Drill

Best Siege Machines in Clash of Clans

Log Launcher

Clash of Clans Siege Machine Tier List (March 2024) 2

On the top of our list is the mighty Log Launcher. This S-tier Siege Machine sends a log to the path of the Town Hall, damaging every defensive tower and wall it passes through. Among all the machines on the list, Log Launcher has the highest likelihood of damaging multiple towers at once and helping with funneling.

Log Launcher is ideal for smash attacks with Golem, Ice Golem, and Yeti. However, one downside of the Log Launcher is its diminishing health. Regardless of whether or not a defense tower hits the machine, the launcher will die around 20-30 seconds after deployment. 

This Siege Machine would benefit from being deployed behind tanks such as Golems or Ice Golems, it would damage the buildings and the walls while the tanks take damage, being an effective way to go straight to the Town Hall.

Battle Blimp

Clash of Clans Siege Machine Tier List (March 2024) 3

If you’ve watched any Clash of Clans pro games, you’re probably familiar with the might and power of the Battle Blimp. This machine bypasses ground defenses entirely, delivering your Clan Castle troops directly to the heart of enemy territory.

While this strategy may not work for lower Town Halls, this siege machine proves irreplaceable for players with Town Hall 14 and above. Especially in Clan Wars, the Battle Blimp is handy for securing two stars as it delivers power straight to the town hall. 

The Battle Blimp is also the most versatile Siege Machine, as you can take it along with air or ground troops and several types of attacks. 

Flame Flinger

Clash of Clans Siege Machine Tier List (March 2024) 4

On the A Tier is one of the newest Siege Machines in Clash of Clans. The Flame Flinger works as an extra offensive attack beside your troops. It functions best when deployed far away from the base defenses, hurling deathly balls of fire toward Archer Towers and other frightening buildings. 

While the Flame Flinger typically out-ranges most defense towers, it can still be reached by the X-bow and the Mortar. So it may be best to aim to remove small-ranged towers such as the Wizard Tower, Cannon, or Inferno Towers. 

Stone Slammer

Clash of Clans Siege Machine Tier List (March 2024) 5

If you’re looking for a Siege Machine that can one-shot defensive towers, look no further than the Stone Slammer. While lacking the finesse of its airborne counterparts, the Stone Slammer more than makes up for it with sheer destructive force.

Unlike other Siege Machines that go straight to the Town Hall, the Stone Slammer’s primary target is defenses. You can think of this machine as a “tank” version of the typical Balloon. 

The Stone Slammer works with both ground and air attacks, as its priority is to destroy destructive towers that may affect your attack strategy. However, it is a single-target machine with slow movement, so higher-tiered machines are still more viable for high-stakes attacks.

Wall Wrecker

Clash of Clans Siege Machine Tier List (March 2024) 6

The Wall Wrecker functions much like the Log Launcher, albeit slower and a single-target version. Much like its name, the Wall Wrecker’s primary target is walls, single-hitting any level of walls in its way. This machine acts like other Siege Machines that go straight to the Town Hall. 

The Wall Wrecker works best for lower-level Town Halls, as it could decimate seemingly any defensive tower with a few hits for those TH10 and below. Its ability to carve a path straight to the heart of enemy defenses earns it a place in your attack strategy. 

When you absolutely, positively need to breach those fortified walls, accept no substitutes!

Siege Barracks

Clash of Clans Siege Machine Tier List (March 2024) 7

Think of the Siege Barracks as an extension to your army camp, letting you bring a P.E.K.K.A and a few wizards on top of your Clan Castle troops and your standard team. Unlike other Siege Machines, this one does not directly damage nor interact with enemy defenses. It merely stands on the outskirts of the battlefield, delivering the extra troops to the fight. 

While their utility is undeniable, their effectiveness can vary greatly depending on the situation. A well-timed deployment can turn the tide of battle, as it can also greatly help with ground-based funneling strategies. 

Everything depends on the Wizards and P.E.K.K.A.s that the Barracks spawn. Another minor drawback is that the Siege Barracks cannot be used to carry and deploy CC warriors inside of a base, in contrast to other Siege Machines.

Battle Drill

Clash of Clans Siege Machine Tier List (March 2024) 8

The newest Siege Machine on the list functions like the miner troop, burrowing below the ground and rising once it sees a tower worthy of its destruction. This machine prioritizes defense strategies and will only divert its attention to other structures once all defensive towers are destroyed. 

You can use an Earthquake Spell to activate a weaponized Town Hall before sending the Battle Drill to snipe it. Stocking the Battle Drill with high-damage-dealing soldiers, such as P.E.K.K.As, can provide significant value by eliminating high-priority defenders.

The downside of using a Battle Drill is its lack of synergy with the most popular attack styles such as smash and Archer Queen charge. If you’re looking for the “meta strategies,” you’ll benefit more in choosing Log Launchers and Battle Blimps.

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