Ghost in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

The clock is ticking down on the inaugural season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. With only five days left until Season Two launches on February 11, Infinity Ward has yet to fully lift the veil on what content players will be receiving for the next season. The question is, when will they spill the beans?

Last time around, Season One’s full roadmap was unveiled on November 26, which was a full week before the season’s launch on December 3. If things play out as they have been these past few weeks, Infinity Ward will have their Community Update on Friday, February 7. Will they have something of substance then? We shall see.

Community Updates have admittedly been underwhelming since they started doing them, as they have mostly served as recaps for old information. But maybe things will be different this week considering the circumstances. 

It’s worth noting that Season Two was delayed a full week, or as Infinity Ward would put it, Season One was “extended.” It’s also worth noting that a Battle Royale mode has been heavily rumored since the game launched. This has long been thought of as something that would be included in Season Two, so that could be a reason why things have been tight-lipped up until this point in time. With all of these things considered, it’s probably safe to assume that Modern Warfare’s second season will be coming in hot.

Even though Infinity Ward hasn’t yet fully unwrapped Season Two’s content plans, the studio did drop a little teaser earlier this week confirming the addition of Simon “Ghost” Riley, who many assume he will make his way into the game in the form of a new Operator. The teaser also hinted at the fan-favorite map from Modern Warfare 2, Rust, making a comeback for the game’s second season of content. Neither of these two things came as a surprise to the community, as Ghost started appearing on TV screens across the game over a month ago and Rust was found in the game files a while back by data miners. To round things out, Infinity Ward has once again activated double XP for Officer Ranks, weapons, and the Battle Pass to help players get the most out of Season One before it ends on February 11.

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