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Infinity Ward introduced a twist to Warzone’s “BR Solos” mode over this past weekend, and many within the game’s community aren’t happy about it. Entitled “BR Stimulus Solos,” the mode retains much of the same ruleset of the standard solo mode, but removes the Gulag phase entirely. Instead, if players have at least $4,500 when they die, they get to respawn. In theory, the change tasks players with making an interesting choice. Do they spend all their money on loadouts, armor, and other items in the store, or save in case of an unexpected death?

The problem seems to be that money is way too easy to come by in this mode, which trivializes much of the decision making involved. Players start the game with $4,500, which is already enough to respawn once. Add in the fact that there are increased cash drops and more dead players to loot because of the constant respawns, and there’s no wonder why many players feel like the mode doesn’t even resemble a Battle Royale. A quick Google search on the new mode yields a long list of Reddit threads containing players lamenting the addition of the new mode.

BR Stimulus Solos make Solos a LOT more aggressive. And it’s amazing.
by u/threefourthreesix in CODWarzone

One user perfectly summarized the feeling of many within the community. “I don’t like it at all, it’s so easy to get the money required to re-enter the game so it’s like normal multiplayer. There no real risk, you just play. War zone was fun because you had to pick and choose your battles and play the map smart. Now it’s just running around and parachuting in,” said the user.

Thoughts on BR stimulus?
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Another user described why this mode doesn’t even help solve the problem of camping in BR Solos. “I see a ton of people camping, because they just spawned and all they could find was a shitty common or green gun up against full loadout players in the late game, so they’re scared shitless and just lurk in a corner or bush somewhere..”

However, there are a few who seem to actually enjoy the more hectic nature of Stimulus Solos. “I like this mode better than normal with gulag. Way more aggressive play, lots of cash being thrown around, so way more chaos.”

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if the addition of Stimulus Solos didn’t mean the removal of standard BR Solos. This seems to have only reaggravated an issue players have had with Infinity Ward constantly removing modes in order to add new ones in. The good news is that Stimulus Solos does appear to be a Limited Time Mode, so solo players could find themselves back in the Gulag soon.

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