OverActive Media reveals Toronto's Call of Duty franchise launch details

OverActive Media has just revealed the details for the launch of its Call of Duty Toronto franchise.

The launch will take place on October 24 at Rebel Entertainment Complex. Canadian rappers Zach Zoya and Nav, will be at the event. In the past, Nav teamed up with Turner “Tfue” Tenney for the Fortnite World Cup, winning $85,000 for charity.

Toronto’s Call of Duty brand launch will also reveal its full team roster. Fans of the franchise itself will get the chance to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare at the event before the official global launch. 

“We’ve had a really successful and busy offseason, and our 2020 roster is a talented mix of veteran and breakout players from all over the world,” Dominique Gelineau, the general manager, for Call of Duty Toronto, said. 

“This team will reflect Canada’s cultural diversity, professionalism, and personality — and we’re excited to bring them to our new home on October 24th, where we’ll introduce them to our Toronto fans and the rest of the world,” Gelineau added. 

A year ago, OverActive Media introduced the world to Toronto Defiant, a team that played in the Overwatch League. OverActive Media President and CEO Chris Overholt said that the esports organization will keep building on “intersection of esports, music, entertainment and sport.” He hopes that the Toronto Call of Duty team will play an important role in this goal. 

Earlier this week, a Charlton Insights survey revealed that Call of Duty is the most popular game in Ontario. At 33 percent, it beat Fortnite’s popularity, which accounts for 28 percent among those surveyed. As of now, Toronto’s Call of Duty Twitter account has the second most followers.

As the 2020 inaugural season of the Call of Duty League draws near, Activision itself has also revealed the prize pool that the 12 professional teams will be competing for. Players will be duking it out for over $6 million. 

Including Toronto, the other cities involved include Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Florida, London, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York, Paris, and Seattle.

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