MW3 devs add fan-favorite map to Rustment 24/7 playlist 1

In a thrilling update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 fans, Sledgehammer Games has stirred the pot by introducing the compact and intense “Meat” map to the Rustment 24/7 playlist.

This change comes alongside a pause in modes like Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed on Rust, as developers investigate spawn issues.

“Meat joins the mix in the Rustment 24/7 Playlist in MW3!” announced Sledgehammer Games on their official Twitter. The developers also playfully teased potential names like “Rusty Meatment” and “Rusty Meatship.”

The Meat map, a tightly-packed battlefield set in a slaughterhouse, promises a frenzy of close-quarter combats. It is similar to the Rust and Shipment maps, making it a perfect fit for the Rustment 24/7 playlist.

With narrow corridors and plenty of corners, players can expect a high-octane experience, favoring SMGs and assault rifles. The Meat map will be featured in the 6v6 core playlists of Modern Warfare 3 Season 1, along with new maps like Greece and later, Rio.

This addition highlights Sledgehammer Games’ commitment to refreshing the game’s dynamics, keeping the community engaged. Modern Warfare 3, despite mixed reviews on its campaign, has seen success due to the developers’ openness to community feedback and consistent updates.

As the excitement builds, players are gearing up to dive into the chaotic world of Meat. With the promise of more maps and updates in future seasons, the journey through Modern Warfare 3’s first season seems packed with action and surprises.

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