Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The more things change, the more the server issues stay the same. Call of Duty may have given it’s entire Modern Warfare franchise a new coat of paint and the full reboot treatment, but unfortunately for gamers who were excited to jump right into the game at launch, Activision’s servers suffered from the same connectivity issues as the past three launches.

By “some players” Activision means basically everyone, from the average gamer to streamers and influencers whose broadcasts have become integral to the success of a game’s launch in the current industry climate. There were also reports of Xbox One players experience full game crashes alongside the connectivity issues.

Call of Duty isn’t alone in these issues, as more and more games begin to rely on online-only content, games are frequently unable to take to handle the massive spikes in concurrent players at launch. Earlier this month, Bungie had to take both Destiny 1 and 2 offline across Steam, PS4, and Xbox One after server issues they experienced after releasing the Shadowkeep expansion.

Fortunately for gamers, the server issues were fixed within a few hours as the server issues started to dissipate and players began to finally start connecting to online features.

Now that servers are back online, hopefully, players can enjoy some quality 360-no-scopes and all of the killstreaks they can get.

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