Warzone Mobile update dials down graphics and FPS to prevent overheating

Warzone Mobile update dials down graphics and FPS to prevent overheating 1

The recent Warzone Mobile update, coinciding with the launch of Season 3, has made significant adjustments to graphics and FPS settings to mitigate device overheating issues.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, a free-to-play battle royale first-person shooter, has become a noteworthy addition to the mobile gaming landscape since its launch for iOS and Android on March 21, 2024. Aimed at delivering the same intense gameplay and strategic dynamics found in its PC and console counterparts, Warzone Mobile supports up to 120 players per match in its Battle Royale mode.

However, initial reactions from the Android gaming community have been less than favorable. Many label the Warzone mobile “trash” and point out that the last Android update has made the graphics “even worse.” Despite generating millions in revenue within just four days of its launch, the disparity in user experience between Android and iOS platforms has been stark.

The crux of the issue stems from technical problems, notably overheating and graphics, which have led the development team to implement a controversial update. This update reduces graphics quality and the frames per second (FPS) cap on Android devices, a move designed to lower the thermal output during play and address performance issues.

In a detailed post of Warzone Mobile on X, the developers outlined the specific challenges and the adjustments made to address them. These include correcting default settings that were too high for some Android devices, optimizing asset loading to improve early-match graphics, and fixing bugs that caused game instability.

The update, which will roll out alongside Season 3 of Warzone Mobile, includes specific fixes, such as adjusting default settings that were too high for certain devices, improving asset loading times for enhanced early-match graphics, and resolving bugs that contributed to instability.

These technical adjustments address the root causes of overheating and performance issues, ensuring the game runs smoother across all supported devices with hopes of resolving the players’ concerns since the game’s launch.

Gameplay fixes will also implemented, such as improving the matchmaking so players queue only with players of the same level. Developers are also planning to change the matchmaking between touch and controller players, as some fans are complaining about “corny” controller users.

By synchronizing these changes with the launch of Season 3, the developers aim to offer new content and a significantly improved gaming experience.

As Warzone Mobile navigates the challenges of delivering a console-like experience on mobile devices, this update marks an essential step in addressing the inherent limitations of mobile hardware and balancing player’s experience.

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