Warzone Mobile: Best settings explained


Dial in your gameplay with the optimal settings for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. We’ll break down everything you need to know about the best gameplay, interface, gyroscope and sensitivity settings.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile launched on March 21, 2024, and excitement builds for what promises to be a revolutionary mobile gaming experience. Bringing the intense action of its PC and console predecessors to mobile devices, Warzone Mobile features familiar maps like Verdansk and Rebirth Island. It introduces new gameplay mechanics suited for on-the-go play.

This guide focuses on the best settings within Warzone Mobile to optimize your gameplay and give you a competitive edge. The right settings can enhance your response times, improve accuracy, and ensure that your in-game decisions are executed as intended.

Warzone Mobile: Best Gameplay Settings

The gameplay settings encompass a wide range of options that directly affect how you interact with the game world. From automating certain actions to refining how you move and shoot, these settings lay the foundation for your success in Warzone Mobile.


  • Automations: Custom – Allows manual control over actions like weapon pickups and mantle, preventing unwanted automatic interactions.
  • Weapon Auto Pick Up: Off – Avoids automatic weapon pickups, giving you control over your arsenal.
  • Auto Mantle: Off – Requires manual input to vault, offering better movement control.
  • Parachute: Manual – Lets you decide when to deploy the parachute for faster landings.
  • Climb Stairs Buttons: Off – Prevents automatic stair climbing for precise movement.
  • Turn Corners Assistance: Off – Ensures manual corner turning for tactical maneuvering.
  • Auto Equip Armor: Off – Requires manual armor equipping, allowing strategic use in combat.


  • Virtual Stick Behavior: Always Sprint – Ensures constant sprinting for quick navigation.
  • Sprint to Stand: On – Enables immediate standing from prone or crouch to sprint, enhancing mobility.
  • Camera Rotation mode: Fixed – Keeps camera rotation speed consistent, which is crucial for aiming precision.
  • ADS Button Allows Rotation: On – Allows camera rotation while aiming, enhancing aiming flexibility.
  • Fire Button Allows Rotation: On – Permits camera movement while firing, improving combat maneuverability.
  • Throw Back Button Allows Rotation: On – Enables rotation while preparing to throw back grenades, adding to tactical options.
  • Weapon Mount Movement Exit: On – Facilitates exiting weapon mount by moving, offering smoother transitions.
  • Weapon Mount Exit Delay: Short – Minimizes delay before dismounting a weapon, ensuring swift action responses.


  • Weapon Trigger: Manual – Gives you complete control over firing, essential for precision shooting.
  • Auto Fire On Objects: Off – Prevents automatic firing at objects, allowing for manual control over gunfire.
  • Single-Shot Fire Behavior: On Tap – Initiates single-shot firing on tap, offering precise control.
  • Aim Down Sights When Firing: Based on preference, Customize ADS activation to fit your personal play style.
  • Aim Down Sight Behavior: Toggle/Hold – Select between toggle or hold for ADS, aligning with player comfort. Hold if you prefer to scope.
  • Auto Melee: Off – Disables automatic melee attacks, necessitating manual input for melee actions.


  • Sprinting Door Bash: On – Maintains momentum as doors open automatically, enhancing fluidity in movement.


  • Equip All Armor Plates: On – Simplifies armor equipping, requiring only a single tap for full armor.
  • Aim Assist: On – Improves targeting accuracy, which is especially beneficial when using a controller.

Video Guide

Best gameplay settings in Warzone Mobile (Level Push)

Warzone Mobile: Best Interface Settings

Interface settings adjust how information is presented on your screen and how you interact with the game’s UI elements. Tailoring these to your preferences can clear up visual clutter and ensure critical information is always at your fingertips.


  • Hit Marker Display: On – Crucial for confirming successful hits.
  • Hit Marker Size: Small – Reduces visual clutter by keeping hit markers minimal.
  • Hit Marker Transparency: 1.00


  • Auto Sprint Lock: Floating – Offers flexible control over sprinting.
  • Change Stance: Merged – Combines stance changes into one action for efficiency, meaning fewer buttons to press for movement.
  • Fixed Joystick: On – Secures joystick position for consistent directional control.


  • Resupply Alert: Off – Turns off distracting resupply alerts.

Video Guide

Best interface settings in Warzone Mobile (Level Push)

Warzone Mobile: Gyroscope Settings

Adjusting gyroscope settings for nuanced control and aiming precision. Note that the settings below are my personal preference. This is for your reference only. Fine-tune this setting based on your preference:

  • ADS Gyro: On – Improves aiming accuracy with gyroscope assistance during ADS.
  • Movement Gyro: Based on preference – Tailors gyroscope input is for movement; enable synchronized movement control.
    • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier per Zoom: On – Adjusts sensitivity based on zoom level for consistent aim.Low Zoom: 1.00
    • 2x – 3x Zoom: 0.70
    • 4x – 5x Zoom: 0.60
    • 6x – 7x Zoom: 0.55
    • 8x Zoom: 0.50
    • High Zoom: 0.40

Video Guide

Personal Gyroscope settings in Warzone Mobile (Level Push)

Warzone Mobile: Sensitivity Settings

Fine-tuning your sensitivity settings is crucial for optimal control and precision. The ones listed below are only my preference for playing, but fine-tune this based on your preference. Some prefer higher sensitivities compared to others.

  • Aim Sensitivity: Horizontal: 0.65 – Balances fast turning with control for horizontal aiming.
  • Aim Sensitivity: Vertical: 0.35 – Provides a lower vertical sensitivity for stable aim adjustments.
  • ADS Sensitivity Transition Timing: Gradual – Ensures a smooth transition in sensitivity when entering and exiting ADS, offering a balanced aiming experience across all engagements.

Adjusting these overview settings ensures that every aspect of your gameplay experience in Warzone Mobile is tailored to your preferences, from the moment you drop into the action to the final circle.

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We hope you find this guide helpful as we discuss the best settings for Warzone Mobile above.

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