Warzone Mobile’s rocky launch leaves players calling for Apex Mobile’s return

Warzone Mobile and Apex Mobile

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile’s debut has been anything but smooth, sparking a wave of nostalgia and demand for the return of Apex Legends Mobile among the gaming community.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is the latest extension of the franchise’s battle royale experience, tailored for mobile platforms. It aims to redefine mobile gaming with various modes, including Battle Royale and Resurgence, and the promise of controller support and cross-progression with other Call of Duty titles.

However, the launch of Warzone Mobile has been met with a less-than-enthusiastic reception, with some players outright calling the game “trash” due to its performance issues.

This stark feedback has prompted players to reminisce about Apex Legends Mobile’s superior performance and visuals. Despite Warzone Mobile’s innovative features and ambitious goals, the reality of its performance on mobile devices has significantly missed the mark, leaving much to be desired.

Feedback from various players has highlighted that, despite being poorly optimized for low-end devices, Apex Legends Mobile initially offered superior graphics.

This perspective is widely shared within the gaming community, further emphasized by the comparison to its PC counterpart. Many have expressed disappointment over the discontinuation of Apex Legends Mobile, especially when it seemed to outperform Warzone Mobile in almost every aspect, despite its success and the revenue it generated.

Reflecting on personal experience, the superiority of Apex Legends Mobile becomes even more evident. Having played Apex Legends Mobile before, I found it had better controls, graphics, and smooth performance on the same device used to attempt Warzone Mobile, starkly contrasting with Warzone Mobile’s disappointing graphics and gameplay.

This sentiment is echoed within the community, with one player emphasizing that on their device, they can at least open Apex Mobile. This is a stark contrast to the struggles they face with Warzone Mobile, which often fails to open properly without crashing.

Warzone Mobile's rocky launch leaves players calling for Apex Mobile's return 1
Apex Legends Mobile post-match screen (Level Push)

The development timeline of Warzone Mobile, which has been delayed multiple times over the past two years, has only added to the community’s impatience and longing for Apex Mobile’s polished gameplay. Players have not held back in expressing their grievances and desires: “Man, do I miss Apex Mobile. Compared to WZM, Apex was absolutely in a different class!”

The call for Apex Legends Mobile’s return is a testament to its legacy as a mobile game that managed to capture and retain a loyal fan base thanks to its engaging gameplay, reliable performance, and visually appealing graphics.

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