Call of Duty: Mobile players rage over game’s “worst” melee weapon ever


The Call of Duty: Mobile community is up in arms about what many consider the game’s “worst” melee option.

Since its 2019 debut, Call of Duty: Mobile has set a high bar in mobile gaming. It offers a rich, action-packed experience that mirrors the intensity of its console counterparts. With a wide selection of weapons and gameplay modes, the game caters to various play styles, including those who prefer the up-close challenge of melee combat.

However, one melee weapon has become a significant issue within the player base. The Axe, despite its intimidating appearance, has been criticized for its lackluster performance in battle. This weapon’s slow attack speed, limited range, and inexplicably narrow hitbox significantly impact the gameplay experience, leading to player frustration.

Community feedback on platforms has been overwhelmingly negative, with players expressing frustration over its inefficiency compared to other melee weapons. This weapon has received negative feedback, with one calling it the “worst” melee weapon in the game.

One player expressed their frustration by noting the weapon in question is arguably the game’s “worst” effective melee option. They pointed out its painfully slow attack speed, poor mobility, and surprisingly small hitbox, which is odd given its visual representation as an axe.

Another player reminisced about when the Axe was a significant threat on the battlefield, stating that encountering someone armed with it a few years ago meant almost certain defeat as the melee option was so good.

Call of Duty: Mobile melee Axe (Level Push)

Critique also touches on the weapon’s noticeable sound when an attack fails, adding to the user’s disadvantage. A player highlighted how powerful the melee once was before it was significantly weakened due to complaints, noting now that initiating another swing feels excessively delayed, illustrating how adjustments have greatly diminished its effectiveness in combat.

The collective discontent among players underscores a desire for rebalancing, suggesting adjustments could rejuvenate this melee weapon’s standing in the game. While Call of Duty: Mobile remains a dynamic and engaging platform for gamers, the controversy over this melee weapon highlights the challenges of maintaining balance in a constantly evolving arsenal.

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