How to play 1 vs 1 in Call of Duty: Mobile


Dive into the thrilling world of Call of Duty: Mobile for an intense 1 vs 1 battle with friends or foes.

Call of Duty: Mobile, since its launch in 2019, has revolutionized the first-person shooter experience on mobile devices. Its immersive gameplay and extensive features bring the beloved elements of the franchise’s previous titles to your fingertips, empowering veterans and newcomers to enjoy a full-fledged Call of Duty experience anytime, anywhere.

Today, we’re focusing on the 1v1 Duel mode—a perfect arena to test your skills against a single opponent. This guide will cover everything from setting up a match to understanding the unique rules that make these duels exciting.

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Engaging in a 1 vs 1 match in Call of Duty: Mobile is an excellent way to showcase your individual skill. These matches are hosted in private rooms, allowing players to face off in a controlled environment without external interruptions. Each player has a chance to showcase their skills with different loadouts.

1v1 Duel Rules in Call of Duty: Mobile

In 1v1 Duel mode, the game highlights your personal skill, strategy, and adaptability. Here’s a closer look at the rules and structure that make these battles uniquely challenging:

Match Structure: Each match is divided into rounds. Players start each round by spawning at opposite ends of the map, and they are given a brief period to select their preferred loadout. This loadout selection phase is crucial as it determines your initial strategy and approach to the ensuing Duel.

How to play 1 vs 1 in Call of Duty: Mobile 1
Add your desired loadouts before playing in 1v1 Duel to prepare (Level Push)

Make sure to have your preferred loadout first before playing in a 1v1 Duel, as you cannot change the arranged loadouts once the Duel has started.

Ammunition and Equipment: While primary and secondary weapon ammo is unlimited, ensuring you’re never caught without the means to fight back, your Lethal (grenades, mines, etc.) and Tactical (flashbangs, smoke grenades, etc.) equipment have limited availability. This limitation forces players to use these resources wisely, adding an extra layer of tactical depth to the duel.

Weapon Class Selection: After each round’s conclusion, the defeated player has the opportunity to choose a weapon class for the next round. This rule ensures that no single match is overly dominated by one player’s preferred weapon type, compelling both participants to be versatile and skilled across various classes. The winner must then adapt to this choice, leveling the playing field and introducing a dynamic back-and-forth between opponents.  

Losing player for each match gets to choose the weapon that will be used by both players for the next match in 1v1
(Level Push)

Scoring and Victory: The goal is to win rounds to secure a match point. Tension mounts with each round as players vie for control. The first player to accumulate 2 match points wins the match. This system tests not only skill but also endurance and ability to perform under pressure.

1v1 Duel Match Settings

In addition to the fundamental rules of 1v1 duels, Call of Duty: Mobile allows players to customize their match settings, offering flexibility to cater the game to your liking or to add an extra layer of challenge or fun. While you can stick with the default settings for a straightforward duel, toggling these options can significantly alter the dynamics of your match:

 Basic Settings

  • Round Win Limit: Set the number of wins needed to secure a match, ranging from 1 to 7. This allows for quick duels or more prolonged battles.
  • Round Time Limit: You can adjust the duration of each round from 60 seconds (1 minute) up to 300 seconds (5 minutes), dictating the pace of the game.
  • Number of Spectators Allowed: You can choose how many spectators can watch the duel, from 0 to 15, making your match as private or public as you wish.
  • Room Password: Add a password to ensure only invited players can join.
  • Allow Invite: Toggle whether participants can invite others to the match.
  • Record: Decide if you want the match recorded for later viewing or analysis.

Advanced Settings

  • HP (Health Points): Adjust player health levels from the standard 100 HP to 1, 200, or 300 HP, which affects the amount of damage players can take before defeat.
  • Jump Height: You can modify how high players can jump, with options for 100% (normal height), 500%, and 700%. This adds a vertical dimension to your tactics.
  • Energy Recovery Rate: Control how quickly energy recovers, choosing from 100% (standard rate), 200%, or 300%, influencing how often abilities can be used.
  • Limited Ammo: Toggle whether ammunition is limited, challenging players to be more conservative with their shots.
  • Limited Throwables: Decide if throwables (like grenades) should be limited, requiring players to use them strategically.
Change Match Settings according to preference for the best 1v1 experience (Level Push)

These customizable settings allow you to tailor the 1v1 experience to your preferences or introduce new challenges, making each duel unique. Whether you’re looking for a traditional shootout or a match with exaggerated physics and boosted health, these settings provide the tools to create a memorable and enjoyable confrontation in Call of Duty: Mobile.

How to play 1v1 in Call of Duty: Mobile

To get started with a 1v1 Duel, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Call of Duty: Mobile and select “Multiplayer” from the main screen.
  2. Tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner and select “Private.”
  3. In the game mode selection menu, choose “1v1 Duel.” You can select a specific map or opt for a random selection.
  4. Invite your opponent by tapping on “Friends” and then the “+” icon next to their name.
  5. Once both players are ready, hit “Start” to begin your duel.

With these streamlined instructions, you’re all set to dive into the action-packed 1v1 duels in Call of Duty: Mobile. Enjoy the thrill of the competition.

Video Guide

Check out our video guide on how to play 1v1 in Call of Duty: Mobile!

How to play 1v1 in Call of Duty: Mobile (Level Push)

As you master the art of 1v1 duels in Call of Duty: Mobile, you’re now fully equipped with the knowledge to set up matches, navigate the rules, and personalize your battle experience. Each match is a canvas for your strategic prowess and a testament to your adaptability on the digital battlefield.

Remember, it’s not just a test of skill; it’s about how you play the game. So, grab your gear, set up your duel, and let the best player win. Here’s to sharp strategies, epic showdowns, and mastering 1v1 in CoD: Mobile.

We hope this guide helped you set up 1v1 duels with your friends or other players.

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