Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile unveils Day Zero Launch Event rewards and details


Embark on your first mission with Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile through the action-packed Operation: Day Zero launch event.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will revolutionize mobile gaming by transporting the intense Warzone experience directly to your iOS and Android devices. Developed by Activision, this eagerly awaited free-to-play battle royale shooter is slated for a global release on March 21, 2024. Check out more details about Warzone Mobile here!

To celebrate the game’s launch, Activision is introducing the Operation: Day Zero event, a community-driven series of challenges across Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

This guide delves into the event details, providing essential information on how to participate, conquer challenges, and reap exclusive rewards.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile unveils Day Zero Launch Event rewards and details 1
Operation: Day Zero roadmap (Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile)

Operation: Day Zero Launch Event Details

Operation: Day Zero event commences on March 22, 2024. This event invites players to unite under a common goal: conquering six specially designated zones across the iconic maps of Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Participants will undertake various Event Actions within these zones, earning Event Points (EP) that contribute to both personal achievements and collective goals. This event is a unique opportunity for the community to collaborate and unlock exclusive rewards while enjoying the new game.

Operation: Day Zero Launch Event trailer

Operation: Day Zero Zones

The event features six contested zones — five in Verdansk and one across the entirety of Rebirth Island. Each zone presents unique challenges and strategic opportunities, encouraging players to adapt their tactics to earn Event Points and progress through the event. These zones are the battlegrounds where individual bravery and team strategy combine to achieve collective success.

The first zone will be unlocked on the start of the event and more zones will open when the community Event Points milestones are reached.

Operation: Day Zero How to earn Event Points (EP)

Earning Event Points is crucial to unlocking individual and community rewards during the Day Zero event. Points can be accumulated through a variety of actions, including:

  • Open Supply Boxes: Discover and open supply boxes scattered across the map to earn EP.
  • Day Zero Supply Drops: Special supply drops that offer superior rewards compared to standard Supply Boxes.
  • Eliminate Enemy Players: Engage and eliminate opponents to rack up points. In multiplayer mode, you will earn points for each elimination, but less than in battle royale mode.
  • Complete Contracts: Accept and fulfill contracts found throughout the battlefield for a significant EP boost.
  • Use Killstreaks: Successfully utilize Killstreaks to gain additional points.
  • Land Headshots: Aim for and execute headshots for bonus EP.
  • Purchase from Buy Stations: Use in-game currency at Buy Stations for various benefits and EP.

Day Zero Supply Drops

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile unveils Day Zero Launch Event rewards and details 2
Day Zero Supply Drops (Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile)

One of the most exclusive features of the Day Zero event is the introduction of Day Zero Supply Drops. These are not your ordinary supply boxes; they are special drops that contain superior loot, more cash, extra XP, and more EP, available only to our most dedicated players.

Day Zero Supply Drops are periodically dropped into active zones and appear on the radar as crate icons, offering players a strategic advantage in seeking them out. Acquiring items and gear from these drops accelerates EP earnings, pushing players closer to unlocking the coveted individual and community rewards.

Operation: Day Zero Rewards

The Operation: Day Zero event features a rich array of rewards, divided into individual and community categories, ensuring players have plenty of incentives to participate.

Operation: Day Zero Individual Rewards

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile unveils Day Zero Launch Event rewards and details 3
Ghost “Bloody Reaper” Skin and X12 “Crimson Prince” blueprint (Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile)

As you dive into the zones and rack up Event Points, you’ll unlock a range of individual rewards that enhance your gameplay and personalize your experience. These rewards include:

  • “Crimson Blaze” Emblem
  • “Nightmare Rift” Calling Card
  • “Forsaken Past” Emblem
  • “Tearing Me Apart” Sticker
  • “Demon’s Claw” Combat Knife Weapon Blueprint
  • “Last Word” Charm
  • “Hell Scrapper” LTV Vehicle Skin
  • “Nightmare Inferno” Large Decal
  • “Crimson Prince” X12 Weapon Blueprint
  • “Vengeful Devil King” Large Decal
  • “Raging Blaze” M4 Weapon Blueprint
  • “Bloody Reaper” Ghost Operator Skin

Operation: Day Zero Community Rewards

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile unveils Day Zero Launch Event rewards and details 4
M4 “Heavy Thunder” blueprint and Ghost “Golden Phantom” skin (Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile)

In addition to personal accomplishments, the Day Zero event emphasizes community success. As players collectively complete challenges and accumulate EP, they’ll unlock a series of community rewards.

  • Clear Zone 1: “Gilded Devil King” Large Decal
  • Clear Zone 2: “Scorched Beginnings” Animated Calling Card
  • Clear Zone 3: “Golden Blaze” Emblem
  • Clear Zone 4: “Golden Flame” X12 Weapon Blueprint
  • Clear Zone 5: “Heavy Thunder” M4 Weapon Blueprint
  • Clear Zone 6: “Golden Phantom” Ghost Operator Skin

Participate in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile’s Operation: Day Zero event to experience the camaraderie, challenges, and rewards that await in this mobile gaming milestone. Prepare for battle, employ strategy, and earn your place among the legends of Warzone Mobile.

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