Best guns in Warzone Mobile Season 2 2024

Best guns in Warzone Mobile Season 2 2024 1

Discover the best guns in Warzone Mobile to gain an advantage and elevate your gameplay.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has quickly become a battleground where only the best survive. This first-person shooter, battle royale game, brings intense action and strategic gameplay to mobile devices, allowing players to engage in epic battles across varied landscapes.

Today, we’re diving into the meta of Warzone Mobile, specifically focusing on the best guns you need in your arsenal. Knowing which weapons dominate the battlefield can significantly elevate your game, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the game.

This guide examines the best guns in Warzone Mobile, highlighting what makes each stand out and why this gun deserves to be on the list.


Updated on April 1, 2024: Season 2 of Warzone Mobile introduces comprehensive balance adjustments, revolutionizing the game’s weapon meta and competitive landscape. This update spotlights a particularly versatile SMG, enhancing combat diversity and strategy.

Best guns in Warzone Mobile Season 2

8. XRK Stalker (Sniper Rifle)


The XRK Stalker exemplifies the ideal sniper setup with its blend of mobility and damage. It’s designed for players who value quick repositioning without sacrificing the lethal range of traditional sniper rifles.

This balance allows for aggressive sniping strategies, where the player can provide long-range support while staying mobile enough to adapt to the evolving battlefield dynamics.

7. SVA 545 (Assault Rifle)

Best guns in Warzone Mobile Season 2 2024 2

The SVA 545 is lauded for its user-friendly design. Its manageable recoil appeals to both new and veteran players. Its reliability across engagements makes it a staple in any arsenal, capable of performing under pressure and in varied tactical situations.

Its balance between firepower and control ensures that it remains a favored choice for players who value precision and steadiness in their engagements.

6. RAM-9 (SMG)

Best guns in Warzone Mobile Season 2 2024 3

The RAM-9 excels in close and medium-range combat, balancing a fast firing rate with considerable damage output. Its versatility allows players to confidently engage in diverse combat scenarios and adapt to each fight’s dynamics.

The RAM-9 SMG is a solid choice for players who demand a weapon that performs reliably under various circumstances. It is a valuable addition to any loadout to elevate your gameplay.

5. AMR9 (SMG)

Best guns in Warzone Mobile Season 2 2024 4

The AMR9 is known for its exceptionally fast fire rate, making it a dominant force in close-quarters battles. Its ability to rapidly dispatch opponents makes it ideal for swiftly clearing tight spaces or engaging multiple adversaries.

While it may not be as versatile at range as some other SMGs, its sheer firepower in close combat scenarios is unparalleled. This encourages an aggressive playstyle that rewards boldness and quick reflexes.

4. MCPR-300 (Sniper Rifle)

Best guns in Warzone Mobile Season 2 2024 5

The MCPR-300 reigns supreme as the best sniper in Warzone Mobile, offering one-shot headshot potential up to 200 meters. This sniper rifle is a game-changer for those who excel in positioning and patience. It demands precision but offers high rewards.

Despite its trade-off in mobility, the MCPR-300 allows for the elimination of key targets from afar, making it an essential pick for teams needing a long-range threat to sway the course of battle in their favor.

3. RAM-7 (Assault Rifle)

Best guns in Warzone Mobile Season 2 2024 6

As the best assault rifle in the current meta, the RAM-7 balances high damage with sufficient mobility, making it an ideal choice for various combat situations. Whether engaging in mid-range duels or longer encounters, the RAM-7’s precision and power make it a reliable weapon.

Its versatility is its strength, providing a solid foundation for any loadout. The Ram-7 is for players looking for an assault rifle that can adapt to their needs and ensure they’re prepared for whatever the battlefield throws their way.

2. Bruen MK9 (LMG)

Best guns in Warzone Mobile Season 2 2024 7

The Bruen MK9 distinguishes itself as one of the best LMGs available in Warzone Mobile, allowing players to maintain continuous fire with its substantial ammo capacity and nearly zero recoil. This capability is precious in team-based strategies, where laying down suppressive fire can control enemy movements and secure objectives.

Although mobility with the Bruen MK9 is somewhat compromised, its firepower and ability to dominate medium to long-range engagements more than compensate, making it a must-have in the arsenals of players who prioritize firepower and area control.

1. HRM-9 (SMG)

Best guns in Warzone Mobile Season 2 2024 8

The HRM-9 is the best SMG and currently the best gun in Warzone Mobile. It boasts unmatched mobility and a rapid kill time that makes it exceptional for close-quarters engagements. Its effectiveness isn’t limited to short-range combat; surprisingly, it also holds its ground well at mid-range.

This adaptability makes the HRM-9 indispensable for aggressive players who value speed and efficiency in taking down opponents. Its prowess in facilitating swift, decisive encounters makes it the top choice for dominating the battles in Warzone Mobile.

Mastering the best guns in Warzone Mobile can significantly impact your gameplay. Whether you’re engaging in close combat or picking off enemies from a distance, choosing the right weapon and loadout is key to dominating the battlefield. Keep practicing and stay versatile, and you’ll soon be leading the pack.

We’ll update this guide once Warzone Mobile undergoes meta changes or a new season is introduced, so stay tuned!

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