Call of Duty: Mobile’s Alcatraz removal has players outraged but it’s not the end


The sudden departure of Alcatraz and Shoot House from Call of Duty: Mobile has left the community in an uproar.

Call of Duty: Mobile has been a beacon of success in the FPS domain since its launch in 2019. Integrating classic elements from the franchise’s extensive back catalog, it has amassed a loyal following. The game introduced different maps and game modes that players enjoyed throughout.

These maps, especially Alcatraz, with its unique battle royale experience, and Shoot House, known for its intense multiplayer skirmishes, have been more than play areas; they have been the stages for community-building, skill-honing, and countless memorable moments.

So, it’s unsurprising that the recent announcement of removing Alcatraz and Shoot House maps has stirred a whirlwind of reactions among the player base. The decision to rotate these maps out of the game has been met with both confusion and disappointment.

In light of the community’s reaction, Call of Duty: Mobile took to social media to reassure players that there will be new content every season, so players should stay tuned for exciting new content this year. Despite assurances, removing these fan-favorite maps has led to a barrage of feedback across platforms.

Players have expressed their frustration and confusion over the removal, especially given the popularity of these maps. They questioned the developers’ decision to remove Alcatraz in battle royale, stating that they play this map in Tournament mode every weekend. This highlights the impact of these maps on competitive and casual play.

Others speculate the removal is timed with upcoming releases, suggesting a strategic, albeit unwelcome, shift in content strategy. “It cannot be a coincidence. Removing Alcatraz & Shoot House right before two weeks of WZM’s global launch?!” a player questioned, pointing to the potential influence of the upcoming Warzone Mobile.

I tried to find Alcatraz and Shoot House in the game, but to no avail; they have been removed from the game for Season 3. There have been no announcements regarding when these maps will be back.

Alcatraz and Shoot House are not found in the list of maps in Multiplayer and Battle Royale (Level Push)

Despite the outcry, there’s a silver lining with the promise of their return. The announcement made clear that Shoot House and Alcatraz will soon be leaving Call of Duty: Mobile, but this change is not permanent.

Both maps are expected to return later this year, rotating in and out each season like other playlists in the game. This news has provided some solace to players, but the initial decision still stings for a community deeply invested in these maps.

While removing Alcatraz and Shoot House has sparked considerable debate, it opens the floor to what the future holds for Call of Duty: Mobile. With promises of new content and the eventual return of these maps, players have a lot to look forward to, but this episode has starkly highlighted the importance of community favorites.

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