Brawl Stars creator Trebor loses code after leaking Larry & Lawrie nerf details 1

Brawl Stars content creator Trebor has lost his creator code after leaking information regarding nerfs for the controversial new Brawler Larry & Lawrie.

Trebor, a well-known figure in the Brawl Stars community for his engaging content and competitive background, faced backlash from the game’s developers after sharing sensitive information.

In a recent video, Trebor vented about Larry and Lawrie’s dominance in the game, showing his struggles against teams filled with the new Brawler and calling for balance adjustments.

Despite the humorous tone of Trebor’s video, where he attempted various strategies to counter Larry & Lawrie, his frustration was palpable. Larry & Lawrie’s overwhelming presence in matches highlighted significant balance issues, pushing Trebor to discuss confidential information he obtained from a private developer Discord server.

“I asked Adrián, who handles balance changes, about an emergency nerf for Larry & Lawrie. He said, ‘There is no emergency at the moment.’ It’s crazy, right? I’m going to go crazy,” Trebor revealed, inadvertently sharing private discussions.

The fallout was swift. On Twitter, Trebor disclosed the loss of his creator code, a tool vital for supporting content creators through the game.

“I lost my creator code because I revealed private information from Supercell’s internal server. I’ve not been kicked from the Supercell Creators but have been downgraded,” he explained, expressing his commitment to continue producing content and his love for the game despite the setback.

The community response on Reddit has been overwhelmingly supportive of Trebor while criticizing the decision and the lack of action on Larry & Lawrie’s balance, who currently reign as a top option in our Brawl Stars tier list.

Fans argue that Trebor’s “sacrifice” highlights a disconnect between the developers’ priorities and the community’s needs, with many pointing fingers at the balance team for failing to address Larry & Lawrie’s overpowering influence in gameplay.

“He made a necessary sacrifice for the community. Knowing that the guy in charge of balance changes thinks there is no emergency going on at the game right now says a lot about the company and how little they actually care about their player base,” one Reddit user commented.

While Trebor’s actions breached trust, they also sparked a broader conversation about game balance, transparency, and the relationship between developers and their most dedicated players.

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