Edgar in Brawl Stars

In the latest Brawl Stars update, Edgar has received a hypercharge called “Outburst,” and it’s causing a stir in the community.

Players are finding this new ability excessively strong, with some even labeling it as “broken.” The hypercharge, which increases Edgar’s charging speed and reload speed for a few seconds after using his Super, has significantly enhanced his combat effectiveness.

SpenLC, a prominent figure in the Brawl Stars community, shared his experience with Edgar’s new hypercharge in a recent video.

He expressed astonishment at Edgar’s enhanced capabilities, stating, “Seriously, abuse this Brawler as much as possible; he’s so broken with this hypercharge, it’s a joke.”

His gameplay demonstrated Edgar’s newfound dominance in various matches, highlighting the significant impact of the hypercharge.

The reaction from the community has been mixed, with many players agreeing with SpenLC’s assessment. The general consensus is that Edgar, with “Outburst,” has become a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of taking down opponents with alarming efficiency.

Edgar’s ability to wreak havoc in matches post-update is a testament to the significant impact of the new hypercharge.

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