Brawl Stars players outraged over "pay-to-win" new Brawler Kit 1

Brawl Stars players are growing frustrated and disillusioned with the game’s “pay-to-win” approach to the game.

The recent introduction of Kit, a Legendary Brawler, has sparked a heated debate over the game’s approach to new characters. Kit, with his unique abilities and overpowering presence in the game, has become the focal point of this discussion.

Kit: The controversial new Brawler

Kit’s abilities are nothing short of remarkable. In his normal mode, he boasts a short range, low health, and damage output, but his utility is immense.

His Super, which charges over time, allows him to jump on enemy Brawlers, dealing damage and stunning them, or attach to an ally, transforming into an alternate form with long-range and high damage output. This alternate form makes him invulnerable, further tipping the scales in his favor.

Former Brawl Stars world champion SpenLC has spoken up against Kit’s overpowered strength, stating, “This is actually one of the best brawlers I’ve seen in my life, just so insanely strong.”

Spen went on to declare, “Literally if you have a Kit [on your team], it’s pretty much a free win.”

Pairing Kit with a tank Brawler creates an almost unkillable duo. His ability to heal while attached to an ally, coupled with his damage output, makes him a formidable force on the battlefield. This has led to a significant imbalance in the game, with players who have access to Kit enjoying a substantial advantage.

Community discontent

The Brawl Stars community has not held back in expressing their frustrations. One player remarked, “Kit is basically the definition of pay to win,” highlighting the growing concern over the game’s direction.

Another added, “Getting a high rank on a brawler like Kit is so much of a non-achievement and it just devalues those milestones for brawlers that require actual skill.”

This sentiment echoes across the player base, with many feeling that the game is increasingly favoring a pay-to-win model.

A pattern of nerfs

Supercell, the developer behind Brawl Stars, has a history of introducing powerful Brawlers and abilities, particularly Hypercharges, and subsequently nerfing them. This was seen with Edgar and Fang, who were both subject to emergency nerfs following community backlash.

The pattern seems to be repeating with Kit, as players anticipate a nerf once he becomes accessible to a broader audience.

Spen has called for an “emergency nerf,” much like the way Supercell handled Edgar and Fang, saying, “Kit has to get emergency nerf soon because if this brawler comes out when everyone’s going to unlock it, it’s going to break the game.”

The ongoing issue with “broken” new Brawlers like Kit raises questions about the future of Brawl Stars. The community’s call for a more balanced and skill-based gameplay experience is loud and clear.

As the game continues to evolve, it’s crucial for Supercell to find a middle ground that satisfies both the competitive integrity of the game and its diverse player base.

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One Comment

  1. Once I unlock kit, I’m not going to use him till a significant nerf has been applied to him. Some Ideas:
    1. Make the AOE of Kits super smaller so its more difficult to attach to players.
    2. This one is kind of obvious, but to make it blatantly clear, make it so that Kits super DOES NOT charge automatically.
    3. Decrease the damage of the exploding yarn balls when attached to a friendly brawler.
    4. I just came up with this: Make it so that when a friendly brawler that Kit is attached to is defeated, Kit loses a certain percentage of his own health.