How to get Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Best Brawlers for Every Mode in Brawl Stars

Unlocking Brawlers in Brawl Stars is a thrilling journey filled with strategic choices.

Brawl Stars is a fast-paced, multiplayer mobile game that has captured the hearts of millions. Players collect and upgrade a variety of Brawlers with different playstyles, abilities, and rarities. Each Brawler adds a unique twist to the game’s dynamic battles, making acquiring new Brawlers exciting.

This guide is your roadmap to expanding your Brawler collection. We’ll dive into the nuts and bolts of acquiring Brawlers, including a look at the innovative Starr Road system, a central feature in the game for unlocking new characters.

Have you ever wondered how to snag every Brawler in Brawl Stars, from common to the legendary? We’ve got you covered. Let’s break down the essentials to get you unlocking Brawlers like a pro.

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All Brawlers Rarity Types

Brawlers in Brawl Stars are categorized into different rarities, each signifying their uniqueness and the challenge in obtaining them. Here’s what you need to know about each rarity type:

  • Rare: Your bread and butter Brawlers are more accessible but still valuable.
  • Super Rare: A step up, offering more unique abilities and gameplay styles.
  • Epic: These Brawlers start to get a bit trickier to unlock but are worth the effort for their powerful skills.
  • Mythic: Significantly rarer, Mythic Brawlers bring game-changing abilities to the table.
  • Legendary: The crown jewels of Brawl Stars, Legendary Brawlers are the rarest and most sought-after, with abilities to match.

How to Get Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Unlocking Brawlers primarily happens through the Starr Road, a dedicated path where players can use Credits earned from the Trophy Road or Brawl Pass to unlock Brawlers of all rarities. The Starr Road is conveniently located on the main game screen under the Brawlers section.

After unlocking your initial Brawlers, you’ll have the choice to pursue two or more Brawlers of the same rarity next. The flexibility of the Starr Road allows you to change your target Brawler at any point, with all previously earned Credits transferred to your new choice.

For those looking to accelerate their collection, Brawlers can also be purchased directly from the Starr Road using Gems, offering an alternative for players willing to invest more into the game.

What is Starr Road in Brawl Stars?

How to get Brawlers in Brawl Stars 2

The Starr Road represents the progression and unlock system for Brawlers in Brawl Stars. It’s a visual roadmap filled with choices, allowing players to strategically plan which Brawlers to unlock next based on their preferences and playstyle. This system adds a layer of strategy outside the arenas, giving players control over their collection’s growth.

Moreover, the Brawl Pass and Brawl Pass Plus offer additional avenues to unlock Brawlers. Players can unlock a specific Brawler tied to the Brawl Pass tier each month, selecting from a range of rarities up to Epic.

However, it’s important to note that the current season’s Brawler cannot be purchased with Credits or Gems, making the Brawl Pass a unique source for certain characters.

In conclusion, acquiring new Brawlers in Brawl Stars involves strategy, choice, and excitement. Whether through the innovative Starr Road system, the monthly Brawl Pass, or direct purchases with Gems, expanding your Brawler collection has never been more engaging. Dive in, strategize your unlocks, and enjoy the ever-growing roster of unique characters Brawl Stars offers.

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