What are Gears in Brawl Stars? All Gears and how to get them

What are Gears in Brawl Stars? All Gears and how to get them 1

Dive into the world of Brawl Stars Gears to empower your Brawlers with unique abilities.

In the fast-paced world of Brawl Stars, Gears offers a strategic edge by providing passive bonuses that enhance your Brawlers’ abilities. Unlocked at higher Power Levels, they add depth to gameplay, allowing for personalized strategies and tactics.

Today’s guide focuses on Gears, the passive power-ups that can make or break your game strategy. From what they are to how to get them to the types available, we’re breaking down everything you need to know.

Feeling overwhelmed by the array of options and unsure how to optimize your Brawler with Gears? You’re not alone. Let’s simplify the process and ensure you make the best playstyle choices.

What are Gears in Brawl Stars?

Gears are passive enhancements that grant Brawlers various bonuses. Each Brawler can equip up to two Gears, unlocked at Power Levels 8 and 10, offering unique advantages on the battlefield.

How to get Gears in Brawl Stars

Gears can be acquired using Coins, with prices varying based on rarity: Super Rare (1000 coins), Epic (1500 coins), and Mythic (2000 coins). If you’re short on Coins, a mix of Coins and Gems can secure these upgrades.

Super Rare Gears

What are Gears in Brawl Stars? All Gears and how to get them 2

Super Rare Gears provide foundational boosts like extra damage under certain conditions, faster health recovery, opponent visibility, a consumable shield, increased speed in bushes, and additional gadget use, ensuring your Brawler stays versatile and resilient.

DamageDeal extra damage when your Health is below 50%.
HealthRecover Health faster when not moving.
VisionReveal hidden opponents for a short time after dealing damage to them. However, Vision cannot reveal invisibility granted by skills.
ShieldGain 900 extra Health as a consumable Shield. The Shield regenerates in 10 seconds, when at full health.
SpeedIncrease your Speed when moving in the bushes.
Gadget ChargeUse your Gadget one extra time per match.

Epic Gears

What are Gears in Brawl Stars? All Gears and how to get them 3

Epic Gears, slightly rarer, offer significant enhancements like increased reload speed, faster Super charge rates, and enhanced pet performance, pushing your Brawler’s effectiveness in specific roles.

ReloadIncreases Brawler reload speed by 10%.
Super ChargeIncreases Super Charge rate by 10%.
Pet PowerBrawler Pets deal 20% more damage/ healing
(Jessie, Nita, Mr. P, Tara, Penny).

Mythic Gears

What are Gears in Brawl Stars? All Gears and how to get them 4

Reserved for the elite, Mythic Gears offer Brawler-specific enhancements, increasing abilities like range, damage, or survivability, tailoring your Brawler’s strengths to your strategic needs.

Talk to the HandIncreases Magic Hand range by one Tile (Gene only).
Thicc HeadTick’s Super ‘HeadFirst’ gets 1000 more hit points (Tick only).
Enduring ToxinsIncreases damage done by poison effects (Crow only).
Exhausting StormDecreases enemy damage by 10% while in Sandstorm (Sandy only).
Sticky SpikesSuper now slows 50% more effectively (Spike only).
Lingering SmokeIncrease Super duration by one second (Leon only).
Sticky OilAmber’s oil spill now slightly slows enemy Brawlers (Amber only).
QuadrupletsEve’s Super now spawns an additional hatchling (Eve only).
Bat StormMortis’ Super projectile speed is increased (Mortis only).
Super TurretIncreases the healing of Pam’s Turret by 20% (Pam only).

Adding Gears to your Brawlers significantly alters gameplay in Brawl Stars, allowing tailored strategies to complement your playstyle. Whether boosting damage output, enhancing speed, or increasing survivability, the right Gears can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

With new Gears continually introduced, staying updated ensures your Brawlers are always equipped with the best possible enhancements and ready to face any challenge on the battlefield.

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