Brawl Stars devs reveal Power League rework details: “No single map will play the same”

Brawl Stars devs reveal Power League rework details: "No single map will play the same" 1

Brawl Stars’ Power League is getting an overhaul with major changes set to shake up the popular competitive mode.

In a surprising move, Brawl Stars developers recently announced the temporary removal of Power League, a staple of the competitive scene since its introduction in March 2021.

While many players were quick to speculate whether Power League had been removed from the game forever, the developers revealed key information behind the decision in a recent “Time to Explain” podcast.

The removal of Power League was not without reason. The developers are setting the stage for a significant rework aimed at revitalizing the competitive landscape of Brawl Stars.

“We’re going to try something pretty wild with a new ranked system…with modifiers in ranked,” Game Designer Adrian Haggqvist explained. The goal is to ensure these changes enhance competitiveness without introducing randomness.

Modifiers are set to be a game-changer, altering how each map is played and encouraging players to adapt their strategies and Brawler selections accordingly.

“It’s basically another layer of skill expression,” noted the developers, emphasizing the importance of adaptation and strategy in the new Power League. “That should also feel much fresher because no single map will play the same.”

The introduction of modifiers addresses a critical piece of player feedback: the predictability and monotony of map rotations in the old Power League system. “From the old Power League system…once you kind of went through the map rotation, you kind of got a little bit bored of it. There were no surprises…But with modifiers, that should change up a lot,” the developers shared.

Addressing community concerns, the rework will also tackle issues like players selecting under-leveled Brawlers and the absence of a report system.

For newcomers and casual players, the first ranks of Power League will be more accessible, with simplified match phases to encourage wider participation. “For the casuals, the first ranks…it’s not going to be like the Banning phase and like a pick phase for each player…we made the first ranks a bit easier or like smoother,” they added.

More details regarding Power League’s rework will be revealed in the upcoming Brawl Talk on February 24.

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