Brawl Stars devs believe Larry & Lawrie issues were exaggerated by top players

Larry and Lawrie Brawl Stars

The Brawl Stars team has finally addressed the uproar over the potent new Brawler duo, Larry & Lawrie, on their “Time to Explain” podcast.

When Larry & Lawrie debuted in Brawl Stars in late January, they quickly became notorious for their strength, dominating the game’s meta and jumping to the top of our Brawl Stars tier list. This led to widespread calls from the community for immediate nerfs, particularly from top players and influencers.

Despite this, it wasn’t until February 7 that the developers rolled out the necessary adjustments to tone down the characters’ abilities.

This delay sparked debates and frustration among the player base, particularly as instances of matches filled with multiple Larry & Lawries became more common, disrupting the game balance.

Brawl Stars developers have now spoken out, suggesting that the outcry, particularly from the game’s elite players, may have exaggerated the issue. They argue that the majority of the Brawl Stars community was not significantly impacted by Larry & Lawrie’s dominance.

Brawl Stars community manager Dani noted, “I was never playing triple Larry and Lawrie, but every match has a Larry in my team and a Lawrie on the other team. It’s still balanced, right? It’s just because usually your own Larry sucks. I actually got a lot of progress playing with randoms during the Larry and Lawrie phase.”

“So, like what I’m saying, I was at 800 trophies… Below me, nobody was actually seeing the problems that we see in social media, which like triple Larry and Lawrie because this is like if you are above, I don’t know, 900 or a thousand.”

“That’s when we think like it’s not affecting most of our players; it’s only affecting the high engaged players, and they can survive for another week with this.”

Despite the controversy and subsequent nerfs, Larry & Lawrie remain at the top of the Brawl Stars tier list, a testament to their inherent design and the challenge of balancing such dynamic characters.

The adjustments made on February 7 sought to address their overpowered status by increasing the number of hits needed to charge their Super, reducing their health, and significantly lowering the damage transfer and ammo reload capabilities of their abilities.

It remains to be seen if Larry & Lawrie will face further nerfs, but it’s clear Brawl Stars developers believe the Larry & Lawrie issue in matchmaking was predominantly a concern among the highest tiers of play, suggesting a disparity between the experiences of top players and the wider community.

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