Brawl Stars rolls out "emergency nerf" for Fang and Edgar in new update 1

In a swift response to the community’s outcry over the “game-breaking” Hypercharge abilities in Brawl Stars, Supercell has rolled out an emergency nerf targeting the controversial abilities of Fang and Edgar.

This move comes after significant feedback from players like 2019 World Champion SpenLC, who criticized the abilities for reducing the game’s skill cap and disrupting the balance.

The latest maintenance and optional update, dated December 18, brought several critical changes:

  • Fang’s Hypercharge: The charge rate was decreased to 20 (from 40), and the shield was reduced to 15% (from 25%).
  • Edgar’s Hypercharge: The charge rate was decreased to 25 (from 40).

These changes aim to restore balance and address the concerns raised by players about the overpowering nature of these abilities.

“It’s a step in the right direction,” SpenLC noted in a recent video. He expressed relief at the nerfs, emphasizing the need for skill-based gameplay, acknowledging that while Hypercharges are fun, they require a higher skill cap to maintain the game’s integrity. He reiterated his stance that Hypercharges should not fix a Brawler’s weaknesses but rather enhance their unique playstyles.

Brawl Stars December 18 update patch notes

The maintenance update went live on December 18.


  • Win Streak is back and fixed!
  • Fixed Gadget Damage for Mortis, Rico, Spike and Brock
  • Localization changes for the Brawl Pass and Mico in some languages


  • Fixed “play again” quest difficulty (it’s now lower)
  • Fang’s Hypercharge charge rate decreased to 20 (from 40)
  • Fang’s Hypercharge shield decreased to 15 (from 25)
  • Edgar’s Hypercharge charge rate decreased to 25 (from 40)

As Brawl Stars continues to evolve, the role of Hypercharges remains a topic of debate. Brawl Stars players advocate for a careful approach to balancing these abilities, ensuring they add to the game’s fun without compromising its competitive nature.

Supercell’s emergency nerf demonstrates their willingness to listen to community feedback and act swiftly.

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