Brawl Stars players slam in-game advertisements as "new low" 1

Brawl Stars, the popular mobile game known for its fast-paced multiplayer battles, is set to introduce an optional ads system in its next update and it’s split the community right down the middle.

The introduction of an optional ads system in Brawl Stars, as revealed in a recent YouTube video by KairosTime Gaming, has sparked a heated debate among the game’s community.

While the feature is designed to be non-intrusive, offering players the choice to engage with ads for rewards, some players are slamming it as a “new low” for the game.

The optional ads system allows players to watch advertisements in exchange for rewards similar to those found in the Brawl Pass, including extra daily shop freebies, double daily battle XP, additional daily quests, and premium seasonal quests. This system is initially being tested in certain regions as part of an experimental phase.

Players with an active Brawl Pass will automatically receive these benefits, thus bypassing the need to watch ads. This integration is seen as a way to add value to the Brawl Pass while offering an alternative way to earn rewards for those who choose not to purchase it.

Despite the developers’ efforts to maintain balance and player choice, the community’s reaction has been mixed. Some players view the introduction of ads as a decline in the game’s quality.

“For a massive game like BS to have ads is a very low move,” commented one player on Reddit. Another player expressed disappointment, stating, “To me, a game is only good quality as long as there are no ads in any way. To me, this is a new low.”

However, not all feedback is negative. Some players see the optional nature of the ads as a positive addition. “I don’t really care, they’re optional it isn’t forced onto me so it’s fine if people wanna get better rewards by watching ads then let them. I personally won’t watch ads though,” shared one player.

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Another player echoed this sentiment, “I think it’s a huge W if it’s optional, it’s literally free rewards just to watch ads for a few seconds.”

The introduction of ads in Brawl Stars represents a significant shift in the game’s monetization strategy. While it offers players more flexibility and choice in enhancing their gaming experience, it also raises questions about the impact on the game’s overall quality and player satisfaction.

As the feature continues to be tested and rolled out, the developers will likely keep a close eye on community feedback and make adjustments accordingly. Whether this new ads system will be seen as a savvy business move or a misstep remains to be seen, but it’s clear that the Brawl Stars community is deeply invested in the future of the game.

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