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Brawl Stars’ latest update, released on January 11, has brought a mix of balance changes, including buffs and nerfs to several Brawlers, as well as important bug fixes.

This update, known as the “StarrToon” patch, is stirring up the game’s dynamics, with significant adjustments to characters like Rico, Surge, Darryl, Buzz, Bo, Kit, and Rosa.

Brawl Stars January 11 update patch notes

Following the Brawl Stars maintenance update on January 11, here are the major balance changes and updates included in the patch notes.

Balance Changes


  • Rico
    • Increased Super damage from 320 → 360
    • Slightly increased Super charge gained from Super damage
  • Surge
    • Increased Base HP 3000 → 3300
  • Darryl
    • Increased base attack projectile speed 3044 → 4000
  • Buzz
    • Increased HP 4400 → 4800


  • Bo
    • Reduced base damage 700 → 640
    • Increased number of projectiles needed for Super 8 → 9
  • Kit
    • Reduced throwing attack damage when attached to friendly players from 2000 → 1600
    • Fixed the issue with the Super charge rate scaling with Power Cubes when attached to enemies
    • Fixed the issue with “Cardboard box” still charging the Super at a faster rate when moving
    • Kit can now be damaged while attached to enemy players
    • Fixed the issue where Kit could use his Super again if he detaches from a friendly player before the current Super is completely drained
    • Kit can no longer attach to recently spawned Brawlers
  • Rosa
    • Reduced Super charge 97 → 75 (3 → 4 ammo for super)

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Removed the ice from Winter maps in 5v5
  • Fixed the issue in Brawl Ball where the ball could be locked behind a team’s own goal
  • Mega Pig Changes
    • Reduced the number of tickets for each player to 15
    • Adjusted the necessary requirements to fill the Mega Pig as a result (it’s slightly easier now!)
Kit in Brawl Stars
Kit copped a major nerf in the Brawl Stars January 11 update

Brawl Stars January 11 update summary

Rico, Surge, Darryl, and Buzz have received buffs, enhancing their damage output and survivability. Rico’s Super damage has increased, and he gains more Super charge from Super damage. Surge’s base HP has been upped, and Darryl’s base attack projectile speed has been significantly increased. Buzz also enjoys an increase in HP.

On the other hand, Bo, Kit, and Rosa have been nerfed. Bo’s base damage is reduced, and he now needs more projectiles for his Super. Kit has seen a reduction in throwing attack damage and several fixes to issues like the Super charge rate scaling and the “Cardboard box” charging rate. Rosa’s Super charge has also been reduced, requiring more ammo for her Super.

The update also includes bug fixes and other changes like the removal of ice from Winter maps in 5v5 and adjustments in Brawl Ball to prevent the ball from being locked behind a team’s own goal. Additionally, the Mega Pig event has undergone changes, reducing the number of tickets for each player and adjusting the requirements to fill the Mega Pig.

As Brawl Stars continues to evolve, these changes reflect Supercell’s ongoing efforts to balance the game and address community feedback. Players are now adapting to the new dynamics, and it remains to be seen how these adjustments will play out in the game’s competitive scene.

What do you think about these changes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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