Best Rico Build in Brawl Stars: Star Power, Gadgets & Gears (Feb 2024)  1

Welcome to the definitive guide on the Best Rico Build in Brawl Stars! If you want to maximize your gameplay with Rico, the bouncy bullet maestro, you’re in the right spot.

This guide will cover the best gadget, star power, and gears to equip Rico in Brawl Stars. This will ensure that you can dominate the battlefield with precision and agility. Rico’s unique ability to hit enemies around corners with his bouncing bullets makes mastering his build essential for any player looking to excel.

Updated on February 8, 2024: We have given this article a thorough update to keep it fresh and relevant for Rico players. Rico maintains his position as a B-tier brawler; his specialized role in certain maps where his bouncing bullets can control the field remains unchanged. Based on the recent balance updates, this guide will help you use Rico’s strengths and mitigate his weaknesses. For more information on Rico’s standing, check out our Brawl Stars tier list.

Rico Brawl Stars

Best Gadget for Rico

Multiball Launcher stands out as Rico’s premier gadget choice. This gadget unleashes two waves of bouncy bullets in all directions, mirroring the behavior of his Super but with a shorter duration. This gadget shines for Rico with its versatility and area control capability.

It can deliver immediate, widespread damage in tight spaces or during crucial team fights, making it invaluable for clearing out enemies or applying pressure. Its ability to cover a wide area with Rico’s bouncing bullets adds a layer of unpredictability and control, crucial for controlling the pace of the game.

Best Star Power for Rico

Rico’s star power of choice is Super Bouncy, which enhances the damage of his bullets after their first bounce. This star power is integral to Rico’s playstyle, encouraging and rewarding skillful aim and positioning to maximize the bounce potential of his attacks.

Each bullet gains significant additional damage post-bounce, turning Rico into a formidable threat on any map with ample walls and obstacles. This increased damage output is particularly effective in tight corridors and enclosed maps, where Rico can unleash havoc without direct line-of-sight, making him a deadly force against unsuspecting foes.

Best Gears for Rico

For Rico, the Vision and Reload gears offer the most synergistic benefits. When used together, they enhance Rico’s abilities to their full potential.

The Vision gear is crucial for Rico, enhancing his ability to spot hidden enemies upon dealing damage. This gear complements Rico’s playstyle perfectly, allowing him to maintain pressure on enemies attempting to hide or heal.

Reload gear, on the other hand, boosts his reload speed by 10%, enabling Rico to spam his bouncy bullets more frequently. This continuous barrage of attacks keeps enemies on their toes and can control the pace of the match.

Players may also opt for the Damage gear instead of Reload, which increases damage when Rico’s health is below 50%. This adds an extra layer of threat to his already formidable arsenal, making him even more dangerous as his health dips.

In summary, using the gadget, star power, and gears recommended will allow you to optimize him for peak performance in Brawl Stars. This guide should help you understand the importance of strategic positioning, skillful aiming, and leveraging Rico’s unique abilities to outmaneuver and outdamage your opponents.

Remember, mastering Rico is all about controlling space with precision and making every shot count.

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