Welcome to your go-to guide for crafting the best Mico build in Brawl Stars!

As you dive into this guide, you’ll discover the best Gadget, Star Power, and Gears to elevate Mico, the Mythic Brawler in Brawl Stars, to his peak performance. Whether you’re sneaking around the arena or finishing off foes, this guide ensures you’ll harness Mico’s unique abilities like never before.

Updated on February 5, 2024: We’ve recently given this article a thorough review to keep it fresh and relevant for Mico enthusiasts. With Mico’s impressive climb to A-tier status in our latest Brawl Stars tier list, our recommendations are fine-tuned to leverage his distinctive mobility and strategic prowess. His ascent from an unranked newcomer to a formidable presence underscores his potential in the current meta.

Best Mico Build in Brawl Stars: Star Power, Gadgets & Gears (Feb 2024) 1

Best Gadget for Mico

When it comes to Mico’s gadgets, the choice between Clipping Scream and Presto hinges on your playstyle. Presto is your best bet for stealth and agility, significantly extending the range of Mico’s next jump, making it easier to outmaneuver opponents or close in on targets.

On the flip side, Clipping Scream is unmatched for securing kills, as it unleashes three long-ranged projectiles that not only damage but also slow enemies, setting them up perfectly for a finishing blow. Both gadgets offer unique advantages, whether it’s enhancing Mico’s sneakiness or delivering the kill.

Best Star Power for Mico

Monkey Business stands out as the non-negotiable choice for Mico’s Star Power. This ability fundamentally shifts how you engage with enemies, as every 5 seconds, Mico’s attack not only damages but also pilfers ammo from foes, tipping the scales in your favor during duels.

The strategic depth Monkey Business adds cannot be overstated—it forces opponents into a defensive stance, limits their retaliation capabilities, and ensures Mico can maintain pressure or make a strategic retreat with additional ammo in reserve.

Best Gears for Mico

Choosing the right gears for Mico involves a strategic balance based on your preferred playstyle. You can go for either of the combination Speed, Damage, and Shield.

Speed Gear enhances Mico’s already impressive mobility, allowing for swift positioning and repositioning to exploit the battlefield dynamically.

Damage Gear, on the other hand, amplifies Mico’s damage output, crucial for quickly dispatching targets, especially when health drops below 50%.

Lastly, Shield Gear provides a consumable shield that regenerates over time, offering Mico a much-needed buffer against incoming attacks, thus ensuring his survivability in close encounters. Depending on the match and your approach, these Gears can be interchanged to maximize Mico’s effectiveness on the field.

From choosing the right Gadget and Star Power to selecting the most effective Gears, you’re now equipped to maximize Mico’s potential. Dive into the arena with confidence, leveraging Mico’s unique abilities to dominate your opponents and climb the ranks in Brawl Stars.

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