Welcome to the ultimate guide on the best Lou build in Brawl Stars! If you’re looking to maximize Lou’s potential on the battlefield, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will dive into the best Gadget, Star Power, and Gears to use for Lou, ensuring you’re prepared for any challenge that comes your way in Brawl Stars. Lou’s unique ability to control the battlefield with ice makes him a formidable opponent, and with the right setup, you can truly unlock his chilling potential.

Updated on February 12, 2024: We’ve updated this article to keep it aligned with the latest game meta and Lou’s current standing. Despite moving from an S-tier to a B-tier Brawler due to a nerf in his supercharge rate, Lou remains a solid choice in specific game modes thanks to his unparalleled ability to control enemy movements and apply Frost. Our recommendations are tailored to leverage his strengths and offer insights on how to utilize him best following the latest changes. Check out the Brawl Stars tier list for more details on Brawler rankings.

Best Lou Build in Brawl Stars: Star Power, Gadgets & Gears (Feb 2024)  1
Lou in Brawl Stars (Supercell)

Best Gadget for Lou

Cryo Syrup is Lou’s best Gadget. This game-changer fills up enemies’ Frost meters by 50% if they are within Lou’s Super’s icy grip. The immediate impact of Cryo Syrup can turn the tide of any battle, especially in modes where control and area denial are key.

Imagine the shock on your opponents’ faces when they suddenly find themselves halfway to being completely frozen, significantly reducing their damage output and making them easy targets for you and your teammates.

Best Star Power for Lou

When it comes to choosing the best Star Power for Lou, Hypothermia takes the crown every time. This Star Power decreases enemies’ damage output based on how much Frost they’ve accumulated from Lou’s chilling attacks.

The potential to cut an opponent’s damage in half can cripple the enemy team’s offensive capabilities, making Lou an invaluable asset in team fights and control-based game modes. Hypothermia synergizes brilliantly with Lou’s kit, enhancing his role as a master of disruption and control.

Best Gears for Lou

For Lou, the Gadget Charge Gear is a must-have, granting him an additional use of his powerful Cryo Syrup Gadget per match. This extra Gadget use can be crucial in pivotal moments, offering more opportunities to swing matches in your favor.

Following that, choosing between Super Charge and Damage Gear depends on your playstyle. Super Charge accelerates the rate at which Lou can unleash his Super, enhancing his control over the battlefield.

On the other hand, the Damage Gear increases his threat level, especially when his health drops below 50%, making him a more formidable foe in direct confrontations.

By tailoring your Lou with these recommendations, you’ve learned how to optimize his abilities for a competitive edge in Brawl Stars. This setup leverages Lou’s unique capabilities to control the battlefield, disrupt enemy strategies, and support your team towards victory. Whether freezing foes in their tracks or reducing their damage with strategic precision, mastering Lou’s build can make you a chilling force to be reckoned with.

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