Lola Brawl Stars

Looking for the ultimate guide on the Best Lola Build in Brawl Stars? You’re in the right place! This guide will dive deep into the best gadget, star power, and gears for Lola, ensuring you’re fully equipped to dominate your matches.

Whether you’re defending, attacking, or controlling the battlefield, understanding Lola’s best build will significantly enhance your gameplay. Dive into the world of Brawl Stars and master Lola’s abilities with our expert advice.

Updated on February 16, 2024: We’ve refreshed this article to ensure it reflects the latest meta and Lola’s current standing in the Brawl Stars tier list. Despite her consistent B-tier ranking, we believe there’s untapped potential in her kit. This update is crafted with her stable yet underexplored position in mind, providing insights on leveraging her abilities more effectively.

Lola Brawl Stars

Best Gadget for Lola

Freeze Frame is her standout gadget choice, and for good reason. When activated, her Ego becomes an immovable beacon of defense, gaining a 50% damage reduction shield for 4 seconds. This gadget not only enhances her Ego’s survivability but also offers strategic versatility.

Whether you’re using it to absorb incoming fire, control zones, or protect key objectives, Freeze Frame’s utility is unmatched. Its ability to shield and distract makes her a thorn in the side of her adversaries, especially when positioning is key.

Best Star Power for Lola

While both of her Star Powers have their merits, Improvise shines through approximately 70% of the time. The additional 30% damage boost when she is down to her last round can turn the tide of battle, offering unexpected bursts of damage. This Star Power complements her playstyle, encouraging precision and timing to maximize her damage output.

Conversely, Sealed With A Kiss holds significant value, particularly in Hot Zone, where its healing capabilities can sustain her and her allies. However, the versatility and damage potential of Improvise often edge it out as the top pick.

Best Gears for Lola

Selecting the right gears for her can significantly enhance her performance on the field. The Reload Speed Gear is non-negotiable, providing her with a much-needed boost in her reload speed, thus keeping her damage consistent and her pressure relentless.

When considering a second gear, the choice between Vision and Damage Gears depends on your playstyle and the match’s demands. Vision Gear can be invaluable for spotting hidden enemies, making her a threat to ambushers and stealthy brawlers. On the other hand, the Damage Gear boosts her lethality when she’s below 50% health, turning her into a dangerous foe even when seemingly on the back foot.

Through this guide, you’ve discovered the optimal build for Lola in Brawl Stars, including her best gadget, star power, and gears. Her unique abilities, when paired with the right setup, can elevate her from a B-tier brawler to a star performer in your roster. Remember, mastering her positioning and timing ensures that every performance is worthy of a standing ovation.

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