Larry & Lawrie in Brawl Stars

If you’re on the hunt for the best Larry & Lawrie build in Brawl Stars, you’ve hit the jackpot.

This guide spills the beans on the ultimate gadget, star power, and gears to maximize this dynamic duo’s potential. Whether you’re dodging, healing, or dishing out damage, we’ve got you covered.

Updated on February 3, 2024: We’ve updated this article to keep it sparkling with the latest on Larry & Lawrie’s dominance in Brawl Stars. Given their “completely broken” status, we’re here to ensure you’re wielding their power to its fullest. For a broader perspective, don’t miss our up-to-the-minute Brawl Stars tier list, where you can learn how Larry & Lawrie stack up.

Best Gadget for Larry & Lawrie

Larry & Lawrie’s Order Fall Back gadget is a lifesaver, boosting survivability and healing in crucial moments, ideal for Gem Grab or Bounty.

In combination with the Protect star power, Fall Back not only allows for strategic positioning by swapping places with Lawrie but also heals both for 33% of their maximum health.

This synergy between the star power and gadget offers both defensive utility (by evading attacks and sustaining in battle) and offensive potential (by repositioning for better attack opportunities).

Best Star Power for Larry & Lawrie

Protocol Protect is the best Star Power for Larry & Lawrie, making Larry nearly untouchable with Lawrie by his side, a game-changer in objective control modes like Hot Zone or Siege.

It significantly enhances survivability by transferring all incoming damage to Lawrie when within range. This ability allows Larry to maintain presence on the battlefield longer, crucial for control and support roles.

However, Protocol Assist is also worth consideration in some maps and game modes. Assist ramps up Larry’s ammo replenishment for relentless aggression, perfect for damage-focused modes like Heist or Brawl Ball.

Best Gears for Larry & Lawrie

The Damage gear and Gadget Charge gear are the best gadgets for Larry & Lawrie.

When health dips below 50%, Damage Gear ups their damage, turning close fights into victories. It shines in aggressive play and tight encounters. The Gadget Charge Gear adds extra gadget uses, enhancing flexibility and survivability, crucial in strategic game modes like Gem Grab or Siege.

Mastering Larry & Lawrie’s build in Brawl Stars isn’t just about choosing the right tools; it’s about adapting to the battlefield. With the best gadget, star power, and gears in hand, you’re now ready to dominate.

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