Welcome to your essential guide on the best Jacky build in Brawl Stars! If you’re looking to dominate the battlefield with Jacky, you’ve stumbled upon the treasure trove of insights.

This guide meticulously covers the best Gadget, Star Power, and Gears to outfit Jacky with propelling her performance from great to unparalleled. With Jacky’s unique ability to charge her Super from taking hits, mastering her build can truly make a difference in your gameplay in Brawl Stars.

Updated on February 9, 2024: We’ve polished this article to gleam with the latest strategies and insights for Jacky, ensuring it remains your go-to resource. Jacky’s consistent A-tier ranking underscores her as a formidable force in the arena. Our recommendations are finely tuned to leverage her strengths in the ever-evolving meta, reflecting her top-tier status and strategic versatility. For a broader perspective on where Jacky stands among the brawler hierarchy, explore our Brawl Stars tier list.

Jacky in Brawl Stars (Supercell)

Best Gadget for Jacky

Pneumatic Booster shines as Jacky’s unrivaled gadget choice, earning its reputation as one of the game’s stellar gadgets. This burst of 25% increased movement speed for 4 seconds is a game-changer, enabling Jacky to close in on enemies, escape precarious situations, or secure crucial objectives with unmatched agility.

Its utility in enhancing her mobility compensates for her lack of range, making it an indispensable tool for Jacky players seeking to capitalize on her tanky build and close-range prowess.

Best Star Power for Jacky

Counter Crush takes the crown in most scenarios when choosing the best Star Power for Jacky. This power transforms Jacky into a retaliatory force, converting 30% of received damage into a counterattack that damages nearby enemies. It’s incredibly potent in close-quarters combat, where Jacky thrives, amplifying her threat level significantly.

However, it’s worth noting that against long-range brawlers, the effectiveness might diminish, though its utility remains strong in most matchups.

Best Gears for Jacky

Gadget Charge and Speed are almost always your go-to options for gears, enhancing Jacky’s strategic play. Gadget Charge is pivotal, as it grants Jacky an additional use of her invaluable Pneumatic Booster, further emphasizing her mobility and engagement capabilities. 

Speed gear complements this by boosting her movement speed, which is vital for both chasing down foes and retreating.

Occasionally, the Damage gear can be substituted to address Jacky’s damage output needs. Still, the synergistic value of Gadget Charge predominantly offers her the most significant advantage, ensuring she’s always caught on guard.

By embracing this guide, you’ve equipped yourself with the knowledge to optimize Jacky’s build in Brawl Stars. From the indispensable Pneumatic Booster Gadget to the retaliatory might of Counter Crush and the strategic edge provided by her best Gears, this build ensures you’re prepared to fully leverage Jacky’s strengths.

Remember, success with Jacky comes from mastering her unique blend of tankiness and mobility, positioning yourself as a constant threat on the battlefield.

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