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Welcome to the comprehensive guide on the Best Emz Build in Brawl Stars! You’ve landed in the right spot if you want to dominate the battlefield with Emz’s unique abilities.

This Brawl Stars guide will cover the optimal gadget, star power, and gears for Emz, ensuring you’re equipped to take full advantage of this Epic Brawler’s area control and damage potential. Whether you’re countering tanks or controlling the pace of the game, the right setup is key to maximizing Emz’s strengths.

Updated on February 12, 2024: This guide has been updated, especially with Emz’s current position in the meta based on our Brawl Stars tier list. Despite being ranked in the C-tier, Emz’s ability to counter tanks and control areas keeps her valuable in various matchups. Based on her enduring utility and the recent hypercharge adjustments, we’ve updated our recommendations to ensure they align with her strengths.

Super Fan Emz Skin in Brawl Stars
Super Fan Emz Skin

Best Gadget for Emz

Friendzoner stands out as the best gadget for Emz. This gadget’s ability to push back enemies while dealing damage allows Emz to maintain her optimal fighting distance against her opponents. Especially in situations where close-ranged brawlers manage to get too close, the Friendzoner gadget is a lifesaver, creating breathing room for Emz to reposition and continue dealing damage.

This gadget is not just about defense; it’s a strategic tool that enhances Emz’s area control, making it invaluable in maintaining her dominance on the battlefield.

Best Star power for Emz

In the current meta, Bad Karma shines as the superior star power for Emz, particularly effective in Heist mode. This star power incrementally increases the damage dealt by each tick of Emz’s hairspray attack, punishing enemies who linger in her toxic cloud. The escalating damage output makes Emz a formidable opponent in sustained engagements, allowing her to break through tanky defenses and maintain pressure on objectives. Bad Karma synergizes perfectly with Emz’s playstyle, emphasizing her strengths in area denial and sustained damage.

Best Gears for Emz

The optimal gear setup for Emz includes Speed, Damage, and the Gadget Gear. This combination of gears complements Emz’s strengths and covers her weaknesses, making her a more versatile and dangerous brawler.

Speed gear boosts Emz’s mobility, enabling her to navigate the battlefield more effectively, dodge attacks, and maintain the ideal distance from her opponents.

The Damage gear, activated when Emz’s health drops below 50%, increases her damage output, making her a more threatening presence in skirmishes.

Lastly, the Gadget Gear enhances her utility by allowing an additional use of her gadget, which can be crucial in tight situations.

By following this guide, you’ve learned how to build Emz for peak performance in Brawl Stars. Understanding the best gadget, star power, and gears for Emz equips you to leverage her full potential, ensuring you can control the battlefield and deal significant damage to your opponents. Remember, success with Emz comes from maintaining the right distance, using your gadget strategically, and exploiting her area control abilities to dominate your matches.

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