El Primo in Brawl Stars

Are you ready to leap into the ring with El Primo, the luchador extraordinaire?

This best El Primo build guide is all about maximizing El Primo’s potential with the ultimate build for Brawl Stars. We’ll break down his best gadgets, star powers, and gears to make you an unstoppable force in the arena.

El Primo Meta Update – January 2024

In the dynamic world of Brawl Stars, El Primo has slid from B tier to D tier in our January Brawler tier list update.

FEl Primo’s lack of balance changes has left him lagging in the current meta. His tanky nature isn’t enough to keep up with more versatile Brawlers.

The current meta, with its blend of agile shooters and hefty tanks, presents both challenges and opportunities for our wrestling hero but with our guide to the best El Primo build, you’ll still be useful on the battlefront.

Poco Primo Brawl Stars

Best El Primo Build in Brawl Stars

El Primo is all about getting up close and personal with his opponents. Let’s dive into the build that makes him a ring champion.

Best Gadget for El Primo

El Primo’s Suplex Supplement gadget is a game-changer, allowing him to grab an enemy and leap with them to a new location.

This gadget is perfect for repositioning key opponents, disrupting enemy formations, or even saving teammates from sticky situations. It adds a strategic layer to El Primo’s brawling style, making him not just a fighter but a tactical player on the battlefield.

Best Star Power for El Primo

Choosing the right star power for El Primo can significantly impact his effectiveness. El Fuego adds a burning effect to his Super, dealing extra damage over time to enemies caught in his fiery slam. It’s great for dealing with grouped-up enemies or securing kills on those just out of reach.

Meteor Rush, on the other hand, provides El Primo with a speed boost after using his Super, enhancing his mobility and allowing him to chase down fleeing enemies or escape dangerous situations.

Best Gears for El Primo

El Primo’s gear choices should complement his aggressive playstyle. Supercharge Gear is a fantastic choice, speeding up the charge rate of his Super, allowing him to leap into action more frequently.

Pairing this with Health Gear turns El Primo into a true tank, bolstering his already impressive health pool and enabling him to withstand more punishment on the front lines.

Best El Primo Build in Brawl Stars: Star Power, Gadgets & Gear Pro Meta Guide (Jan 2024) 1

In conclusion, mastering El Primo in Brawl Stars means understanding and utilizing his best gadget, star power, and gears to their fullest potential.

With the right build, El Primo becomes a fearsome brawler, capable of turning the tide of battle with his powerful moves and strategic plays. Embrace these tips, and you’ll be the star of the Brawl Stars ring in no time!

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